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I'm a teenage author trying to get known online. I love to read AND write and I'm massively thankful to anybody who takes the time to read my stories :)
Find me elsewhere below:
http://www.wattpad.com/user/FabGirl3 : My Wattpad

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    mumbled "Slow updates for a while - sorry!"

    1 months agoSvar
    Hello all,
    I am at uni and crazy busy so don't have a lot of time for writing atm, so updates may be a little slower for a week or so.
    Hoping to update soon though!
    - FabGirl3
  • FabGirl3
    2 months agoSvar
    Hi guys, just to let you all know I'm sailing this week so updates will be slow until I'm back on land on the 13th. I hope to still post updates every 3-4 days, so stay posted! Thanks for all your support, happy reading :)
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    mumbled "I'm back - with a brand new movellas!"

    3 months agoSvar
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    Hiya, sorry I've been gone for so long, I've been crazy busy this year with exams, but I'm back on Movellas with a brand new story 'The Price of Beauty'. Please give it a read if you have a chance, new chapters coming soon :)
    Feel free to comment etc as I go along with constructive criticism so I can make this my best novel yet!
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    mumbled "Wifi Troubles :( Another week until Chapter 3"

    1 years agoSvar
    Hi everyone!
    I am abroad at the moment, with very little working wifi.
    I will continue to try to publish Chapter 3 throughout the week, but so far I've had no luck. It will be up on Sunday at the latest, sorry for the delay but there isn't really anything I can do.
    Thank you all so much for reading :)
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    mumbled "Book 3 in Little British Girl trilogy, 'Last', is up now!"

    1 years agoSvar
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    I'm so excited to be able to announce that, as promised, I have just published Chapter 1 of 'Last', the final instalment in my Little British Girl Trilogy.
    I really hope you all enjoy it!
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