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I am an Essays, Fiction, Philosophy and Poetry writer.
I abhor FanFic.

  • Erling Siegfried
    Hey, Please add me to this collection. I don't write any fan fiction at all.


    -Erling Siegfried
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    So, this is my message to all the authors who don't write 1d and are now living in a sheltered environment. My movellas is here to break that environment. To get you more views and to make sure you get...
  • Erling Siegfried

    mumbled "Guess who's back... back again"

    Back after a year-long break... Feels good to be back even though it also makes me feel sad. Sad for the future of literature when I see this fan-fiction fad persisting. We are quite fortunate though that some authors still respect the art of creative writing and pay it the homage it deserves by embellishing our lives with quality art.
    Hopefully I will be able to do my part in making the world a prettier place through the work I do and through the reviews and critique I provide to fellow young(er) authors.

    -Erling Siegfried
    6 years ago
    Hi! I don't think we've met before , seeing as I joined a couple of months after you left. So hey, you can call me Enya and it's nice to meet you Erling! The fan fiction has been filtered in a couple of categories and each fan fiction has a category of it's own as of today, so you came back at a good time actually! You sound intelligent, so I'm looking forward to seeing some of your critiques and hopefully more of your writing :)
    Erling Siegfried
    6 years ago
    Hello beautiful people!
    @[Total War Rome 2] , fear not, when i critique, I tend to give in depth analysis of the work or if it is too long, I give a whole set of recommendations and very specific advice. I, myself, cannot stand people who give non-constructive criticism and call themselves critics.
    @[Enya Sanders☕] , Thank you for the warm welcome back. The changes to the website are quite encouraging indeed. I look forward to providing my services to this new generation of writers. I also cannot wait to be as much a part of this community as I used to be about a year ago.
  • Erling Siegfried

    mumbled "The future"

    I am quite unsure about what I intend on doing now : being an avid writer but at the same time, not being a fan of Justin Bieber and One Direction, I do not think I will be able to cope with continuing to publish on this website. It is quite unfortunate but I am not very comfortable with writing here. I suppose one could take this post as a post saying "Goodbye" or maybe one saying "See you on the other side", when this fad has died out :). Till then, I thank you all very, very much, for reading my work, trusting me with reviewing and critiqueing yours and just bearing with me.
    Good luck to you all.

    -Erling Siegfried
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    I hope you come back soon Erling. :( You gave us all great constructive criticism, and are a great writer.
    Erling Siegfried
    6 years ago
    Guess who's back ;).
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