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Im Keira Joy!
I love writing and ive done a lot of it. This is my new account, but i have used Movellas in the past.
Hope you enjoy my stories and dont by shy! send me ideas and messages if you would like to!

  • Keira❤Joy

    mumbled "Need Help!!"

    2 years agoSvar
    hey! im Keira. im new to Movellas.
    I need to rack you're brains for a sec!! i need ideas for new books/stories so pleseee help me!!

    Thank you xxx

    2 years ago
    thanks :) i actually just came up with an idea:

    there is this tree that was used by druids and witches in like the 10th century. one of their rituals went wrong, and they all died out. then like in the present time, two kids find it and start to uncover all of the stories about it. what do you think??

    thanks xx
    2 years ago
    im starting to wrote it if you guys might wanna check it out
    2 years ago
    Yeah, that sounds cool :)
  • Keira❤Joy

    mumbled "New Here"

    2 years agoSvar
    Hey, im Empress, im new here. I do a lot of collabs with my bff Tigress, so go check her out.
    Anyway, i would like to hear from you guys and what you would like to hear. So give me suggestions and yeah. I cant wait to begin my Movellas experience!
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