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Uh... I'm not sure what to put in here. So I guess...I'm Eden, not my real name, I'm fifteen years old. I like to write stories but it I'm not very good at it, in fact I've never finish a story on paper. Most of them end up finished in my head but never on paper.
I also love to read. I'll read anything. And I like anime, so if any one can suggest any thing for me to watch or read I would be grateful.
That is really all that's interesting about me....so...yeah.

  • Eden Graves

    mumbled "My first..."

    3 years agoSvar
    I published my first chapter in my first story. It's for the diary comp. I know it read a little vapid but keep an eye on it please cause I got a plan. Please give it a look and maybe let me know how bad it really is?
  • Eden Graves

    mumbled "Max ride"

    4 years agoSvar

    Is anyone else reading the new maximum ride book, Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson? Its killing my feels.
    Eden Graves
    4 years ago
    Me: that's not fair!!!!!!! XD
    4 years ago
    Me: Shush.

    Nico: Rude!

    Me: *glares*

    Nico: *shuts up*
    Eden Graves
    4 years ago
    Me: you can control my boyfriend better than me!!

    Nico: hey! I can control undead armys, no one can can control me!

    Me: oh hush.

    Nico: whatever *pout*
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