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I love to play video games. Many of my stories are based around the games I love and some are even my own. I have worked since 2013 on my stories and eventually decided to share them with others and have put more work into them than anything else in the world. I have a huge interest in things that contain lore and Easter eggs to lead to plot twists you never could imagine, which my own work includes much of.
I try my best to cover many genres of writing however most is action/adventure and comedic. You could however consider it mystery due to the fact all of my work contains hints to my true plot, I just wonder if anyone will figure it out.

  • Ashley Legand

    mumbled "Where my work is going? "

    4 months agoSvar
    Greetings. It has been some time since I have published, but I have not forgotten my work. Anything but really. I have much planned however my mind is so ahead of what is published so far to go back and continue the series I'm on is dull and difficult for me. The process of it is repetitive which granted was planned in middle school. I have one story I've started for it but it will be the last of it series excluding a finally. My writing will not end there as I said I have much planned. I will start into a second series(a season two you could say) that will no longer be fan based. As a little idea it will be a sort of dream log in a way that I promise will be much more interesting than season one. As well as side series of how Dragorina came to be friends with the mob leaders. If you are not familiar with them, they are in Evil meet Ender, and although more side characters there, are to be use more predominantly in future writing as they have been better built as characters than most anything else.
    Also stay tuned into the Book of the Lejeniac as I will update as I go along to add Easter eggs and such to see if anyone can find the real plot of my work. ;)
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