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Hello! My name is Clarissa and i'm from Italy. I love 1D,JB and Little Mix❤️

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    His Doll (+16): i love it :)
    His Doll (+16)
    His Doll (+16)
    I was just a toy in his hands and the problem is that I loved it , cuz if I said no he would leave I wanted him to be mine in the same time that I am his but he was carefree he didn't think of me all...
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    Here's To Us | H.S:this is so good�� please update as soon as you can
    Here's To Us || h.s [Completed]
    Here's To Us ||...
    [1] "I swear Adelaine, if you tell her, or anyone, I would hurt you so much more than I ever had." He growled. "You see Harry, that's the thing, you never hurt me." I smirked. © Copyright 2014. All...
    Good :) i can't wait to read it
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    Save me: pretty please can you update?i love it☺️
    Save Me.
    Save Me.
    ~Sequel to You and I~ Bella Devine is a 16 year old girl who is confused when it comes to love. Joey Styles is telling Bella to stay away from Edward Malik, because he's dangerous. But what happens when...
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    Aww thanks xx
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    Back to september:please update it's been so long since the last updatee��... Uhh by the way i would like emily and louis and not emily and liam ☺️
    Back to September (sequel to camping with one direction)
    Back to September...
    *this is the sequel to 'camping with one direction' if you haven't read it this wont make any sense to you* Emily and Louis haven't talked to each other in 3 months. it all ended with that autumn night...
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