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I love to write fan fictions and songs!!

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    mumbled "My Story"

    Hey guys.... I'm not going to lie to you all. I have totally forgotten about my story on here. But since I remember it now, I will gladly start to continue it... I am sorry that I've let a lot of you guys down
  • ChiaraGaristo
    It is a good book.
    If I may leave a suggestion... I think you should put whose Point Of View it is so we can easily know without second guessing
    Sam is Michael's twin Grace is Ashton's twin Lillian is Luke's twin ( Liz is into coordination) And Beth is Calum's twin, and they all go to the same school and they have the same classes. What happens...
  • ChiaraGaristo

    mumbled "I was wondering if people were thinking of letting me know of a good story bored... Winner will have their name used in the book"

    Please let me know
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