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  • sophia_babez
    4 years agoSvar
    Can't wait for this,so excited!����☺️
    Thirteenth floor
    Thirteenth floor
    Harry Styles watched his body fall from the thirteenth floor of the empire state building, crashing into the ground and breaking into a million pieces. Now Harry has to watch thirteen clips of the people...
  • sophia_babez
    4 years agoSvar
    OMG TYSM FOR 5 FAVS ON MY STORY See You Tomorrow!��LY -Sophia��
    See you tomorrow...H.S Fanfic.
    See you tomorrow.....
    And that's when I knew that my life was not over,it'd just begun. -Mistake _____________________________________An unbelievingly twisted story of a girl named Mistake.The girl who yearned for love and...
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