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Hello. My name is Catherine (Call me Cat). I am an amateur writer, and do fan fiction work, but I do a lot more work with original works.

I'm a tad shy and have a love for dragon and apocalyptic works.

Also I'm nervous about the FNAF4, I hope Cawthon doesn't pull the "it was all a child using their imagination" card because that's overused and unsatisfying in my opinion.

I am ALWAYS open to RP!

Feel free to ask anything, I'd like to get to know you all out there!

Main Fandoms:
Wings of Fire
Five Nights at Freddy's

  • CATastrophe88

    Anyone wanna RP?

    For anyone who crawls into this group later on-

    If anyone is ever open to RP, I'm always game.

    Here's the character's I have to rp with:

    Dagon: MudWing (male)
    Copper: MudWing (male)
    Fern: MudWing (male)
    Coypu: MudWing (male)
    Dragonfly: MudWing (male)
    Dusk: NightWing (female)
    Stardreamer: NightWing (male)
    Eel: SeaWing (male)
    Jacunda: SeaWing (male)
    Arowana: SeaWing (male)
    Bulcasis: SeaWing (male)
    Owl: IceWing (male)
    Emperor Penguin: IceWing (female)
    Adder: SandWing (male)
    Sidewinder: SandWing (female)
    Spottedfrog: RainWing (female)
    Chameleon: RainWing (male)
    Sparkcatcher: SkyWing (female)
  • CATastrophe88

    Favorite ship?

    -For those who crawl into this group later-

    One of the great things about The Wings of Fire series is that it doesn't revolve around the romance, its sort of lightly touched upon but is left more to the reader and their interpretation and what not.

    I personally can't choose one, since I've made quite a few and the several that are basically canon are rather awesome as well...
  • CATastrophe88

    mumbled "I will not be continuing Emily Potter"

    I don't want Emily Potter to be a part of my legacy though, she's a very sueish character and I've lost all intrest in working with her. I'd much rather take the story from the perspective of Benjamin Moon if I ever got around to continuing the story.

    I don't actually want to continue it, I thought I did at around 5:00am one night, but after contemplating it, I really don't. I'm sorry to anyone I have disappointed.
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