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I'm a "three treat" as my friends call me :) I do singing, and dancing competitions. and I do Musical Theater (Acting)

  • caratoo1993
    6 years agoSvar
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    Please make a squealll!!!!
    She's A Killer Queen (Discontinued)
    She's A Killer Que...
    Riley Sara Devins. A name many people, no, practically everyone knows at her high school. She's quite the popular girl- she's very stunning, she's smart, and she's also very caring and helpful. The only...
  • caratoo1993

    mumbled "I need ideass."

    6 years agoSvar
    Heyy guys i'm new at this hole wrtting thing so i need ideas on a story:)
    and even if people want to co-author a book with me that could be cool !

    6 years ago
    Hey! I'm new to this too! And I could help on co-writing if you want :) Just tell me the kind of story you want (Fan-fiction, horror, ect.)
    6 years ago
    Thank! Its Fan-Fiction and I"ll let you know.
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