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I write a bit.
I'm really a Shadowhunter.
And a student at Hogwarts.
And a mermaid.
I am way cooler online.

  • Camryn Staggs

    mumbled "So....Some news."

    I haven't really been working on my writing as much as I should be here lately. I think I am going to pick it again.
    I leave for DC in two days and I'm STRESSING OUT.
  • Camryn Staggs
    Makes me happy to see how well you write! I love you!
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    Ava and Lily. Tomboys that always get good grades and cause trouble... on special occasions. Everything is completely normal until Ava is dared by Lily to tweet the one and only, Harry Styles. Ava is...
    3 years ago
    Awweeee! I love you too c:
    Camryn Staggs
    3 years ago
    When are you gonna change the cover to the one I made you?
    3 years ago
    As soon as I get on my laptop x

  • Camryn Staggs

    mumbled "Need To Get It Out"


    I just need to get this off my chest! My dad is retiring from the Army this Friday and he is going into the teaching career field. He has been a bit on edge due to the fact that he hasn't gotten a call back from ANYONE for the last two/three months. This morning he got a call back from one of the first schools he applied to. AND HE GOT THE JOB! I am so freaking excited for him! I just had to tell SOMEONE!
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    Awe, this gmh for some random reason.
    :) :) :)
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