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    Best fanfiction Movella(since I can't do the one I am writing:Percy, the love of my life): I would have to say The Oath. (But my book is really good too. Just sayin) {the book is by Birde}

    Best 1D Fanfic: Well, it isn't EXACTLY a fanfic, but I would say Codename: Fanfics. {the book is by LittleMsHollywood and Lia-Loves-Cookies}

    Best 5sos Movella: I am not really a big fan of 5sos so I don't have anything for this category

    Best Fiction Movella: I guess this is kinda fanfic- because it is about a movie character(Percy Jackson)- But it is still fiction. Percy and Perry. {This book is written by Beatz} #spleenxD (sry. personal joke.)

    Most inspiring Movellian: The most inspiring Movellian that I know of has to be Butterfli. She has started to write a book about a nurse in ww2 that goes through many struggles to survive a gunshot wound. You should really read her book.

    Most inspiring Movella: If I Leave You. {This book is by Butterfli}

    Best Movellian at cover making: This prize would, in my opinion, go to the author Butterfli. {The book is If I Leave You}

    Best Movella: The best Movella in my opinion is If I Leave You. {This book is by Butterfli} It doesn't have many chapters, but it pulls you right into the story, and makes you ask for more.

    Best Movellian: I would have to say Butterfli. She does not have many movellas, and she does not have many chapters in her book. But numbers don't matter. It is all about the quality of the book.
    The 2k14 BMA's
    The 2k14 BMA's
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