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{Thanks for visiting my page}
I love writing stories about fantasy or what I dream up.
I don't do fanfic because it's kind of wired to me. but who knows I might try it one day.
Also I will be adding stories from my other account on a different website.
Oh and I love drawing while listening to my favorite songs :). Enjoy my books

  • Bunny-Bun
    1 months agoSvar
    Tell me about it!!
    Symbols of power
    Symbols of power
    Amelia is a normal seventeen year old girl. who is secretly a princess with amazing but dangerous power. Her parents take her back to there land to keep her safe from a man that wants to teach and take...
    Eileen Prince
    1 months ago
    Seems good so far. The characters are very interesting and you have a good introduction, as well as an original-sounding plotline. There are a couple of issues with punctuation, but as that doesn't get in the way of the reading too much, that's not really a problem. I really like this and look forward to reading more. It shows plenty of potential and I always enjoy reading new things! :) Please keep updating!
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