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  • Bruges Ikke Længere
    This is amazing. I really love it! :)
    But is it over? I'm a bit confused :P
    Songs of the Night
    Songs of the Night
    "I listened to her every night, until it came to a point when for me, the music became ubiquitous." This is for the legacy competition, please tell me what you think of it. Word count - 1397
    6 years ago
    Thank you, and yes it is over :P
    Bruges Ikke Længere
    Oh, okay :) Now I feel stupid for waiting on the next chapter for so long...:P
    6 years ago
    Aw how sweet, but I'm so sorry...this was a competition entry and I don't know how to write more to it. So sorry but I'm soo glad you liked it :D
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    Yay, finally made my very own cover to the story!
    The Lost Get Found - One Direction
    The Lost Get Found...
    Lucy Malik is a lost soul trying to find purpose in this cruel world. She was left behind be her beloved brother Zayn Malik. She never truly looked at him the same after the fame caught him. Now he's back...
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