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I am Lara Kareem.

Call me Bai, that's the slay-ass name I've christened myself.

I'm two and zero, Aries. A nineties baby.

ISFJ - Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment.

I'm a feminist, go figure. I don't stand for sexism or discrimination.

I'm proudly Nigerian.

I'm a bibliophile, means I'm an avid reader.

Reading is my number one hobby, I do it all the time.

Music gives me life.

I tend to be realistic, I also like looking at all angles of a situation for better understanding, rather than sticking to one view.

Chris Brown is a legend. Miss me with your negative opinion, don't want nor need it.

Sometimes I write prose and poetry.

I prefer being indoors.

Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin YAS!

I am very silly at times, meh.

I wasn't named after anyone in my family.

I have different handwritings depending on my mood.

I love snacking on cashew nuts, coconut chips, and shortbread biscuits.

I'm afraid of pregnancy note I didn't say I'm afraid I might get pregnant.

It would be awesome being best of friends with a clone of myself.

I love sarcasm.

Despite all my nasty sore throats, I still have my tonsils, thank goodness.

My favourite cereal is between Shreddies & Cheerios.

The first thing I notice when I meet people, is their aura, their current attitude and body language.

I really miss my deceased pup, Diana.

If I am crayon, then I would be the beautiful colour black.

My favourite person in the world is *drum-roll* MYSELF

I love hugs but I rarely hug people, cause I don't want to hug them...I don't get myself.

I use the internet + my laptop + phone for everything I need from a TV.

Yes, I always have a book that I am reading, even when I am on a drought. A drought to me is not reading new books, but still re-reading the ones I've read.

I love animals, but dogs and cats are at the top.

I don't have a special talent sigh.

I don't know how to swim nor drive a car.

Hundreds of books on my iBooks shelves are screaming for me to read them.

I don't doodle as much as I would like to.

If I can't sleep at night, I open up a book and read.

I am not a party person, dancing and drawing attention to myself is not my scene.

I'm not vain, but every time I pass a mirror, I tend to look at myself, even surfaces that show my reflection.

I can't keep to a workout plan for the life me.

The strangest thing I believed when I was a child, was that a tree would grow inside me, whenever I mistakenly swallow a seed, I was so scared.

A guilty pleasure I would never give up is reading yaoi.

I am scared of wall geckos, I was traumatised when I was little when I unknowingly carried one on my school bag and it dropped onto my leg.

I have strangely seen cockroaches and lizards mating.

I'm the oldest of my siblings, but I feel like a baby.

I wish I can be outspoken and not be afraid of public speaking, my stage fright kills me.

Ignorance isn't bliss. If I learn something new, I google it and get a basic understanding.

I won't forgive anyone if they try to/kill or cause serious damage to my pets intentionally.

I try to never hold on to the past because it is where it is meant to be in the past.

Apologising is important, where it is due. Pride or not.

I love singing even if I never hit a note right.