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Just loving fanfiction. <3 x

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    Okay, I don't understand anything of what you just said, but anyways! Stefan, seriously, I looooooove your fanfictions! Well, it is on danish, but thank god it got translated to english. Google translate is really lame, but i understood it anyways. I am totally done with Alexis and her friend Lexi! They are the best couple of besties I've ever seen. Alexis and Nialler is seriously the cuuuuutest couple on this earth .. and so is Faolan and her too. Damn, I hate you for doing that to her and to ME! Gosh! :D
    I don't regret anything from the moment that I saw your story on one the international

    It is sooo awesome and I am so proud to read one of the best fanfictions of One Direction by a danish boy.. You are awesome and I look so much up to you. Such a kind person and I really feel that you are so comfortabel in your own skin when you are writing. You really love it. And the point that you aren't afraid to show "the world" that you are a fan on One Direction! :)

    Much love,
    Greetings from New Zealand. x
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