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I love horses, and i also have an unusual liking for goats. They're cute.
But anyway, i have been riding for 2 years now :) Feels like so much longer...
I love a little pony on my caravan site, he is called Beanie.
I love TMB and think 5SOS is pretty good :)

  • Amy<3Horses
    4 years agoSvar
    Love this :) Can't wait for the sequel
    Trapped With Them (5SOS Fanfiction)
    Trapped With Them...
    Annalee Thorley is your stereotypical normal sixteen year old teenager; into bands, has goodness knows how many clothes and prefers to live life with her earphones in. But when she finds she is locked...
  • Amy<3Horses

    mumbled "Telekinesis"

    5 years agoSvar
    Just out of curiosity, if you had Telekinesis (the supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other non-physical means), what would you do??
  • Amy<3Horses
    5 years agoSvar
    love it :) please update!
    Falling for the Enemy
    Falling for the...
    Nora and Luke are the most popular people in school. You'd think they'd get along, right? Nope. Nora gets a crush on Luke but freaks out because he's a player and of course she's supposed to hate his guts....
  • Amy<3Horses

    mumbled "Help!"

    5 years agoSvar
    Has anyone else wrote a story based on a song? I have a song that i am trying to do but its hard. I had an idea but it was too sad :(
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