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  • AlwaysElisabethian

    mumbled "Singer of the Heart"

    Jeg har ikke været på Movellas i lang tid, men nu reuploader jeg min Vampire Diaries fan fiction (AU - another universe) "Singer of the Heart". Jeg kommer til at opdatere en gang om ugen, måske mere end det, da det er den jeg deltager i NaNoWriMo 2017 med :)
  • AlwaysElisabethian

    mumbled "Chapter 9"

    Chapter 9 of my fan fiction "I'm coming home" is out, and I would really like people to comment on it :) I'm thrilled to see so many have seen it on the other website (will post link at the buttom) and I really hope people like this chapter :) it was fun writing.
  • AlwaysElisabethian

    mumbled "New idea!"

    I've decided to do my blogs/mumbles in English from now on, since I am unsure if I have any English followers :)
    So I've got this new idea for a short story, and I am so exicted to begin writing it! But! I will of course make sure that my 'I'm coming home' will be finished, before I put up something new :) I can tell you that the new short story is taking place in 1864!
    I hope you all had a merry christmas!
  • AlwaysElisabethian

    mumbled "One shot"

    Så er mit one-shot 'you'll be okay' om Damon Salvatore og Elena lagt op, og jeg håber MEGET på at der kommer nogle kommentarer til den! :)
  • AlwaysElisabethian

    mumbled "Fan fic"

    Igen igen, er det meget længe siden jeg har lagt noget op :) jeg har nu lagt min fan fiction om The Vampire Diaries op, og siden den har haft rigtig stor succes på fanfiction.net, håber jeg at I også vil tage godt i mod den :)