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Hey I'm Alex and i am 15 years old. I like writing and hope to become successful on this app! I'm starting a story and i hope you like it!

Greetings, Alex

  • Alex_Uchiha
    4 years agoSvar
    How do you add tags to stories on this app?? (I mean Movellas)
    The Scorpion's Revenge
    The Scorpion's Rev...
    Sasori is back alive again and is intent on getting his revenge of Sakura for killing him, but something horribly goes wrong when he is all of a sudden bound to Sakura, and the worst thing is…they can’t...
    4 years ago
    I'm not sure sorry, I don't have movellas as an app, I use my laptop
  • Alex_Uchiha
    4 years agoSvar
    Hey guys. I hope you like my stories. With 10 likes, i'll add another chapter.
    Cya! Alex Uchiha
    The Devils Apprentice
    The Devils Apprent...
    Minato finds out he has Demonic Blood, and because of that, he enters a whole new world.
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