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i am a (girl) guitar player, avid writer, i love to create art, play piano, listen to metal, blah blah blah blah blah. the odds are fairly positive that you don't care, and frankly, neither do i. i don't care about my my bio, although i do deeply care about writing, and i don't care what you think of it. because i am Caitlin Walls, i do what i want, and fuck you. have a fantastic day! (if you can't tell that that was was sarcasm, i deeply pity your gene pool and all in it:-) btw, i am low key bitchy, but i can be nice, and i may comment on people's work that i enjoy.

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    mumbled "ewgnrngogg"

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    gosh today it was raining buckets outside and lightening and thundering beautifly. it was night. i adore the rain so i took a walk at like 7;00 at night in the middle of a huge storm. i walked awhile until i got to a nice little place in the middle of the road surrounded by pine trees, so i laid down in the middle of the street and just grinned as the rain poured on me as i watched the lighting. it is such a fun thing to do. i wanna do that with a friend and just lay in the middle of the road while it rains not talking; just holding hands.
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    i got some makeup and hair stuff for christmas, and i've never really done my makeup or hair before, so how does it look?
    Lost in love
    2 years ago
    You look pretty ����
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    thank you=)
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    i got my first face mask!!!! i look like zoro=]
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    okay, so it's like 9;30, and i'm flipping starving, so i'm making some macaroni. i've been sitting on the counter whilst reading a book and absentmindedly stirring a pot of boiling noodles. they're done, so i'm about to pour them in the strainer, when my dad opens the door to his room and bellow "GO TO FUCKING BED!!! WE HAVE TO GET UP EARLY TOMORROW!!!! he thinks i'm on the other side of the house in my room, but i'm so scared i almost drop my noodles! i wait until the door closes. i bet you have never seen a girl making macaroni that fast. i hadn't even stirred in the cheese before i was in my room. i swear, nothing makes my stomach drop more than when i'm in the kitchen at like 2 o'clock in the morning getting food and i hear footsteps. once, i was getting some chips, and i heard the car door slam. i knew i had 10.1 seconds to hide, so i wedged myself in between the wall my dryer. not to mention the milk jugs full of water, bleach containers, and a box of cat litter i had to sit on for twenty goddamn minutes so my mom could take her time and drink a soda! what i do for food guys, seriously.
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    and yes, i am eating straight from the pot with that gigantic ass spoon.
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    i bet my soulmate will be like, the bringer of subs or something.
    him *sneaking thru the house in stealth mode whilst i sleep on the couch*
    me *snores.*
    me; *wakes up surrounded by candy and chips*
    Me; "you're the best!"
    him; "i better be getting a fucking chocolate bar the size of new hampshire!"
    me; " then we can share it!"
    him *looks at me like i've got a pancake for a head, the looks like i have toad lips*
    him; "get your own damn chocolate!"
    me; "that was your test. we belong together. will you marry me?"
    2 years ago
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    Where have you been all my life?!
    Ameila Jane
    2 years ago
    Me after my parents fall asleep.