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    mumbled "Stories on hold."

    Yes because school has gone back and I'm currently in my last year at school, I'll will have to put the story writing on hold. Sorry for the inconvience. Thanks fellow followers and readers of my stories.
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    mumbled "Clearing some things up!"

    Righto, so I have noticed that I have hardly any spare time right now due to school and assignments piling up and such so I am going to delete some unfinished stories and keep two. This is so I can work on two at a time instead of trying to update them all. I do have most of the stories saved on word documents for safe keeping, so don't worry I planned ahead :3
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    mumbled "Will be away next week."

    Yes I will be away next week to go camping and fishing with the family. I do not know exactly for how long but I will continue updating stories as soon as I get back from camping and fishing :)
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