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  • izzysaphira

    mumbled "sorry guys, i keep forgetting to update the chapters on here, but now I've put them up! Enjoy!"

    5 years agoSvar
    i uploaded a few more chapters
  • izzysaphira

    mumbled "updated chapter 60! And plagiarism? "

    5 years agoSvar
    Just updated chapter 60!
    And a note to everyone reading laced - Don't even THINK about stealing my ideas and using them to write your "own" fanfic. No. It doesn't work like that. That's still plagiarism. Even if you don't steal any of my actual writing. Ideas can still be plagiarized. And I will find you, report you, and get it deleted. It's not fair that I work so hard on the story only to have someone come and take my work! anyways, ily all xx Izzy
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    5 years ago
    Okay, I understand you are trying to keep your ideas, but some people may just so happen to have a similar idea. Trust me, I'm not trying to say people can't use that lie, but you can at least tell them and if they don't care you can report them.
  • izzysaphira

    mumbled "updated!"

    6 years agoSvar
    So i forgot to update chapter 39 last time, but i did just now, and I had to split it into two parts because it's so long. Also added chapter 40 just now! Enjoy!
  • izzysaphira

    mumbled "CHapter 36 and 37 are up!"

    6 years agoSvar
    Enjoy - two new chapter are up...and this book has officially made it to 6.5 hours of reading. I have to say that i'm pretty proud of myself!
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