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We all need love. But what is it? The big word, "love"?
When you talk about a fandom, love is the bond the band/artist have with their fanbase. They just feel like the big connection between eachother. They'll tell eachother anything.
Between two persons, it's told to be the feeling for eachother. The feeling you get, when you meet or just think about the person, is indescribable. The butterflies in your stomach, the heart that skips a beat. The times where you don't even know how to act around your lover. You just want to jump into his/her arms and stay there forever. Kisses on the forehead, the small laughs, cuddling to the scary movie.
"Love" is just the best feeling you can feel. Don't let it go, if he/she feels the same about you. Hold on to it. No matter what happens.

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