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♡o2l will never be the same without Connor

We love you Connor♡

“ ”⚓️

“Find your faults before judging” - Txmblr Queen

☆updates are when ever I have time☆

Meredith is bae. Queen Amanda��. RYLIE BAE��.

����������Rylie Ann Hill ����������
������Jalen Michelangelo Parrish������
Keep it classy, never trashy, just a little bit sassy.

We are proud of you Connor.

“Not all heros wear capes.....
Not all angels have wings.....
Not all princesses wear crowns.....
Not all bands have fans.....”

ill be your mia if you be my adam. ill be your hazel if you be my augustus. ill be your darla if you be my alfalfa. ill be your louis if you be my harry. ill be your rose if you be my jack

he is still my boyfriend even though he isn't mine

I found my prince charming������������������

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