A trip to one's self

An adult wakes up to a regular morning, or so he thinks. He walks out the door to a whole new world, or rather, an old world. His past self's world.


1. A trip to one's self

When I woke up, the dinosaur was still there. It had been there on the shelf all night, but it wasn't there when I went to bed. And it isn't mine. Someone must have placed it there. That, or I'm in dreamland, in which dinosaur toys can move on their own, and who knows, maybe even talk? Like in Toy Story. In that case, it'll be gone by the time I get home from work.

I get up from the bed, put on my clothes, eat some toast, grab my bag and head out the door.

I am waiting at the bus stop, when a weird, green colored, flower covered bus with beeping horns and blinking blue light for headlights arrives. The bus stops where I'm standing. The door opens. The bus driver is a somewhat tall moustached man with a tall purple hat with a mini windmill on top.

"Well hello there! My name is Steven and welcome to Harley. Hop onboard!" he says cheerfully.
"Harley? But that's the bus that I used to play with as a kid. Does that mean-"

"Indeed! You sir are going on a trip to your inner self. Now let me show you around!" Hesitant, I step onto the bus. The doors close behind me, and a second later, Steven presses down the speeder. I only just in time grab a pole to hang onto, and off to who knows where we go.


We drive past candylands, Nerf wars, scooter races, Pokemon Park. I remember it all. It's like being a kid again.
  "What is this place?" I ask.

  "Did you not hear me the first time you silly goose? Or can you just not believe it yet? Don't worry boy. It's a lot to take in. I mean, all the nostalgia from your childhood? But don't worry. Soon enough, you'll be on your life's biggest nostalgia trip, because I've noticed from your current life, you need it. Now, sit back and enjoy the ride!"


The bus takes me all sorts of places I've been before. My old kindergarten, my schools, at my friends' houses, the beach close to my home, the forest near where I live, and many other places. And then the bus gets to a too, very familiar place. It stops, and I step out. I'm back home I walk in the door and go to my room, but something's different. The curtains and carpet are back to being Winnie the Pooh and his friends, the bed is a bunk bed, the closet is filled with toys, and the cage with my passed away budgie is still on the dresser, with my budgie inside it, alive!

  "What's going on? Why have everything changed back to how it was when I was a kid?" I ask.

  "This right here" Steven says gesticulating towards a little kid that looks like me when I was a kid, sitting on the floor playing with mini figures of monsters "is one of your fondest childhood memories."

  "So that's me sitting there?"
  "Indeed it is."

  "But- how is that even possible?"

  "Already forgotten we're in your mind, looking back at your childhood, have we?" I nod.

  "But why am I here?" I ask.

  "You see, I've noticed something about your current life. Something that breaks my heart, well, our heart that would be, considering I'm a part of you.

  "What's that?"

  "You are throwing out key parts of your childhood."

  "You mean my old toys? I'm moving out, and I can't take everything with me. Besides, my childhood is in the past, and some things just gotta go. Also, I'm not getting it back anyway."

  "My dear boy. Don't you realize? You might not get your childhood and all its memories back, you can create new ones! Keep at least some of those toys. That way, not all of your inner child will be gone. So remember this: the day you lose your inner child, that will be the day you will lose an important part of yourself." I think about it. I pick up a Nerf gun lying on the floor. Maybe Steven's right. My childhood might be gone, but not my inner child. I'll invite my friends over for a Nerf war.

  "Hey Steven. I think you're right. Though I do have one questio-" I turn to Steven, but he's gone. I then look around again. Everything's back to normal. The dinosaur is still there. I pick it up and am about to put in a drawer, but I decide to put it back on top of the dresser.

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