high school drama

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  • Publiceret: 10 sep. 2020
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This is if The hero's of Olympus went to high school and were normal teens. I don't own anything except the plot and Sydney La rue, Jackie Linn, Eleanor Sulsbury, Harry Willson and Lola Sturch.

Author's note

Hi guy's I think some you can relate to this. If you want to be apart of this story please comment!

4. Part two.


 “OMG!! SYD WAIT UP!!” Sydney turned around and saw Jackie. “Oh hey Jack what’s up?” “Nothing much, just my mom yelling at me again.” “Did you just get off the bus?” Nico asked her. “Yes I did.” Jackie replied bored.Nico rolled his eyes at her. “Hi guy’s.” They turned around and saw Eleanor. ‘Ohmygod! Hi!” Sydney said dramatically. Which made Jackie laugh. “So Eleanor are we coming to your house tomorrow or the mall?” Jackie asked. “ I think we should go to the mall.” Eleanor replied. Jackie said, “fine whatever.” “Um I can't come to the mall cause me and nico are um doing something later.” Sydney said eyeing Nico. Nico shook his head. “Where are you going after school?” Jackie demanded. “Fine. We’re going on a date to the movies.”  Nico said, glaring at Jackie with hatred. “What movie?” Eleanor asked. “None of your business. Even though you're rich, it doesn't mean you need to shove it in our faces!” Nico screamed at her. “You're rich too. So you shouldn’t be talking.” Eleanor shot back. “Well I don't brag about it.” Nico said.“Let’s just go nicks.” Sydney said, pulling him towards the classroom.   Nico looked back at Eleanor and glared. Elanor “why does he hate me so much?” She wondered out loud. “Well I remember in 3rd grade that you started rumors about him.” Jakie said. “That wasn’t her that was you!” Said a voice. Jackie turned around and saw Lola. “Oh hey Lola.” Lola smirked and said, “ Mortha dumptruck in the flesh here comes the coody squad.” “We should-” “SHUT UP HEATHER!” Lola shrieked on the top of her lungs.  Jackie replied “Sorry Heather.” Jackie looked at Eleanor waiting for her to answer. “Look who’s with her oh my god!!” They all burst out laughing. “That is Sydney’s favorite tik tok. She would not shut up about it all summer. It would drive her family crazy.” Jackie said. “But she changed and she thinks she is better than everyone else. But she is not, I am. What do you guys think? Am I the best?” Lola nodded her head in agreement. Eleanor said, “You are as good as everyone one else. No one is better than someone else.” Jackie sent her a glare and an eye roll, “Whatever. Lola let's get to class. See you later Eleanor. I guess.” She and Lola walked away.               

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