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Katrina Dobra is a sensitive girl in an evil world where everyone takes advantage of her, until she goes to a party in Las Vegas and meets the noble Mikael Blake, an intimidating yet attractive man with hypnotic grey eyes that offers her an irresistible new life with him. Katrina feels in heaven, until she finds out that her boyfriend is the devil. Her initial fear and rebellion against him are useless, because Mikael is the King of Vampires and his pleasure is the pain of his new slave, Katrina, that loves him so much for the powerful emotions he makes her feel that wants to learn to bear his tortures, hoping that one day he will free his good part just for her.

Author's note: no, the vampire won't become the cute puppy of the main character.

Author's note

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27. Chapter 26

My eyes snap open and I jump up on my bed. That wasn't a nightmare, I'm still in my sophisticated bedroom in Mikael's mansion. I almost start crying, what stops me is the last hope of escaping from here and my mind running to think at something useful I can do this morning. Walk out of this prison is the first step.

I take off the dirty clothes I kept on yesterday and I wear a large white layered top, shorts and brown heels with laces that wrap around my legs. I take the money I find every morning on my desk and I put them in my pocket, then I climb the stairs, trying to not make any sound. If Mikael isn't gone to work yet, I don't want to risk meeting him, not before I'll have something to protect myself from vampires.

I slowly walk on tiptoes to the entrance.

«Skipping breakfast is bad for you.» His words freeze me. It takes me some seconds to recognize Joseph's voice, I'm used to sensing amusement and warmness in it, now it's just cold and serious.

I take a deep breath before turning and walking to the full table.

I take a small bite of a chocolate pancake decored with cherries, one of my favorite recipes for breakfast, and I hardly swallow it, feeling it like a heavy ball in my stomach. «Have you seen Mikael this morning?» I try to sound as normal as I can, searching for Joseph with my eyes. I find him standing in a dark corner of the room, his arms crossed and his gaze cold and distant. There's a bit of sadness in it.

«He could hear you whispering from the opposite side of the villa, ask him where he is.» He spits, a mixture of disappointment and nuisance in his tone. He walks away and I hunch my shoulders. I need to get out of here, I don't wanna be scolded by Diana for not eating and not going away before the arrival of the few housekeepers Mikael let come in his home. Looking around I feel more uncomfortable and my stomach closes. I abandon the pancake on the plate and run out of the mansion, I don't want Mikael to come out from nowhere as usual, see him would be a nightmare.

I never really knew Mikael. He doesn't have a secret, he's the secret himself. The man I fell for never existed and this breaks my heart more than any lie my family ever told me to keep me in line.

As I walk in the calm streets, the quiet chatting of the morning people that usually relaxes me has no effects on my pounding heart and my trembling hands.

The rainbow unnerves me even more than the entire messy situation: it symbolizes the peace after the storm, but there's no way the battle of yesterday could have brought peace, that was clearly the battle of an old war that never ended, and there's no way I can forget what happened, or what's happening, and enjoy this day in Las Vegas. Fuck this rainbow, this is the worst day of my life.

People are dying, but the world stays alive. It's an impossible truth.

The navigator tells me I've arrived and as I turn I see a little shop hanging sign with the name of the shop: Selene's crystals.

I open the door, the ring bells on it welcomes me. Looking around as various aromas intoxicate me, I barely can hide my shock. «Wow.» I whisper, then search with my eyes the owner of the little place to see if she heard me. There's no one, or maybe I'm too fascinated by the surroundings to notice a normal person in this magical ambience.

It's full of unique stones, jewelry and objects I can't give a name to. A movement catches my eye. I walk on my tiptoes to not break the silence to the bracelet that called me. It has a big red stone and there's a light moving in it, whispering my name. It sounds absurd, but I believe it: I just discovered my boyfriend is a vampire, this thing can't shock me more. I reach out and I jump when someone takes my wrist. I look at the black, big woman that took me out of a sort of trance I involuntarily entered in. Her look is puzzled, but I can clearly see she's not happy despite her gaudy dress and turban.

«It's an ancient maleficient spirit, I wouldn't touch it.» She releases my wrist and I massage it. «How can I help you?» She asks walking to the cash register, her voice deep and cold.

I follow her, pinning a lock of my hair behind my ear and wrapping it around my fingers to play immediately after. «You must me Selene.»

«No, I'm not.»

«Oh, I thought.» I casually point at the outside.

«I know, my shop has that name, but Selene isn't my name.»

«So, who's Selene?» Her cold gaze makes me regret not being discreet. I could have asked my name, but my sixth sense always controls me before my heart and my mind.

«It's a long story. Which is your coven? You must be a maiden.»

«Oh, no, I'm not a witch.» Every look she gives me makes me want to run away from here, but I can't do it, not before buying my weapon. «Do you have a bottle of holy water?»

She stares at me for a while, then she takes something under the desk and put it on it. «It's one hundred fifty dollars, or a newborn of any species.»

«One hundred fifty what?» That bottle is smaller than my wrists. «I don't wanna sound disrespectful, but I think it's a little too much.» I give her a nervous laugh. I can't even ask Mikael the money, he wants to know what I buy when I ask an extra tip and it would be hard to explain why I want to buy holy water.

«That's the price. This isn't like the holy water you find in churches, this is the enchanted result of hours of spells and rituals from many witches of different cultures and beliefs.» She takes a necklace and starts whispering something, touching every pearl of it. I don't wanna be cursed.

«Wait! I'm sure we can find an agreement. I'm in big troubles, I need urgent help. Please, sell me that bottle, I'll do whatever you want to pay it.»

She rolls her eyes and I finally see some humanity in her. «What do you need it for?»

«I know it's hard to believe...»

The woman leans on the counter. «Beauty, you're in an esoteric shop.»

«Right... I need to kill a vampire.»

She immediately raises up, taking a step back and giving me a side eye. «You, a young little human, want to kill a vampire in vampires' territory?»

«Yea. Not a random vampire, the king: Mikael Blake.»

She takes another step back and I start worrying about the weapons on the wall behind her. «How do you know him?»

I sigh. «It's a long story.»

She smirks. «Fine. I'll help you. You'll pay me when you'll be free from your problems.» She gives me the holy water bottle. I take it in a strong grip, an invisible energy keeps my hand glued to the cold object. «I'm a witch, I never tried to kill a vampire. All I know is that, if this works, you'll kill a beast a make a favor to the world. If it doesn't, you'll die.»

I roll my eyes. «Wish me good luck!»

The woman just gives me her usual cold gaze and I walk fast out of her personal hell, feeling extremely uncomfortable and annoyed.

I look back at the sign. I wonder who's Selene. Maybe she's an ancient of hers, due to my knowledge witches dedicates their life to their family.

I hit a body and I clumsily fall on my butt, my legs opened and my arms flinging around to keep the balance - 'cause I obviously would be able to fall from a sit position -. «I'm sorry, I was looking back at...»

The blue dress full of bows and decorative cloths isn't exactly what such a beautiful slim body would wear in this century. Then I see her long, little fingers wrapped around her hip on her hourglass-shaped body. I slowly raise my head, afraid to be blinded by the sun, but her elegant umbrella protects us. I can't help but envy her delicate facial features perfectly matched to her class: her little nose, her cat eyes, her big lips, even her wavy brown hair...

Diana looks at me, her chin held up. «Mikael is waiting for you at home.» I can guess from her tensed perfect jawline that she would like to scold me, but something - or someone - is stopping her.

«Ok, I'll go home.» How can she be so strong to make me fall on the ground just hitting me during a slow burn walk?

«I'll come with you.»

«Oh, no, you don't have to. Mikael makes me follow by his bodyguards.» I don't want to talk with her nor walk in silence with her by my side. I made her fall one time, but it happened because she lost the balance.

«I could kill your bodyguards with just my umbrella in a few seconds. They are just a bunch of pussies. Now follow me, dear.»

She can't be so strong, unless... she's a vampire.

As Diana turns, I put a hand on her arms to catch her attention, but she immediately moves away and looks me like I did something horrifying. «Uhm, I a-apologize, miss Diana. I can't c-come with you.» I stammer and the indignation on her face becomes confusion, then concern.

«Is everything ok, honey?» She cups my face, but I immediately step back, slipping away from her sinner's hands.

«Sure. I just need to, uhm, eat something.»

«I can cook you gnocchi al ragù, you love them.»

«...and fresh air. I need to eat and stay alone, relax, you know.» How can this horrible woman fake so well to be a responsible human mom and maid? Diana is just a monster, like Mikael and Joseph, the only people I've ever really loved. And hated.

She holds her hands on her belly, her right hand wrapping around her fingers in an elegant but surely not comfortable position. She opens her mouth and my heart skips a beat.

«I'll be at home in an hour. See you!» I shake my hand with exaggerating enthusiasm and I walk away, resisting to turn and see if she's chasing me.

I think I entered at least twenty streets I didn't know, but I always found the way home from all of them and never followed it. I can't avoid Mikael forever. The money he gave me can't buy a ticket to Flint and I can't tell him I need more to take a vacation by myself somewhere: he's evil, not stupid. I can't escape either with my mind. I need Gabi's advice, but he has my cellphone.

Some minutes ago I decided to finally go back to the villa. I have no choice, I can't sleep on a bench in Las Vegas. As I grab the door's handle, a million thoughts blow up my mind: I hope Mikael is already out hunting with Joseph and Diana. Hunting humans. What if the kidnapper will take me again? Maybe this time he will kill me. He showed me the truth for a reason, he wanted me to do something and I'm pretty sure it wasn't to avoid Mikael. I failed, he must want me dead. Oh, fuck it.

I enter the villa and all I hear is silence. A scary silence that doesn't give me any information, this place is always silent because its residents are. I can't know if Mikael's home, so I climb the stairs on my tiptoes, crouched down. I need to sneak in my room and think at a plan B. I almost fall when a loud scream breaks the peace of the atrium.

I run down the stairs and follow the voice echo, stopping in front of the basement door. Nora... She may be here. He never gifted her a vacation; if she's still alive, she's somewhere suffering. Oh Nora, if only you gave me the chance to be a good little sister for you, your love would have kept me at home and we would be safe and happy, together. I never entered the basement, but I remember Mikael nominated the key to open its door talking about my personal set of keys. I move the old, squeaky handle of the iron door that doesn't open either when I push it with my shoulder. Not that I would be strong enough to open a stuck door hitting it with my little body, I would break my bones if I'd try. While I start searching the right key in my set, the screams stop. If they were screaming, and suddenly stopped... the attacker is down there. And he can be Mikael.

«Were you searching for this?» I jump and turn, seeing the basement key hanging from Mikael's hand. He suddenly takes it in his fist and my eyes shut close for the surprise.

When I open them again, I notice all the blood on his mouth, his messy curls and the calm fury in the beast's eyes. «We need to talk, darling.»

I gulp, following him as he calmly walks to the living room, drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel's. I sit on Joseph's armchair and Mikael sits on the armchair in front of me, nothing's between us, nothing divides us. He pours some tequila in a glass that he hands me while the bottle reaches his lips. I take a sip of the liquor. It tastes like fear.

«How are you?» His deep, yet loud voice makes me jump. He looks me straight in the eyes and I hold my eyes in his, my stomach tying up in knots.

«I'm good.»

«Mh.» It's everything he says before finishing his Jack Daniel's. He starts moving his finger around the hole of the bottle in a circular loop. «I saw you really concerned, almost scared, yesterday. What happened?»

«Nothing.» I lie in a high pitched voice. «I wasn't concerned at all. Your friend Joseph scared me again, it's just it.» His head hangs down, but his stare stays into my eyes. The hatred in his eyes is dirty with a glistening sadness, two horns would make the complete devil's pack.

He doesn't believe not even one of my bullshits, it's clear on his face. «What have you saw, Katrina?»

I shiver when he pronounce my name. «Nothing. Joseph scared me, that's all.»

He slams the bottle on a little table near his chair and I jump. «Ok. I believe you.» He growls. I don't think he does. «Where were you when I was out?»

I move on my chair, suddenly extremely uncomfortable. «I stayed at home all the time.»

«Where's your ring?»

I look at my empty finger in shock. I know I throw it away, I just forgot that he doesn't. «I probably lost it somewhere in the place.»

He puts his hand in the inside pocket of his jacket and all I can think is "he found it. no, please no, it can't be real, no", before he takes the ring out and rolls it between his fingers. I stare at it, speechless. I'm fucked.

My heart pounds in my throat and it's scary that he doesn't even smirk at my pain. He doesn't like it when you are afraid of him, the little me remembers me. How am I supposed to not be afraid or hate a monster? I'm just a human, a really sensitive one. He wants me to accept his madness, but he can't bear my fear. He wants me to love him without loving me. Why did I try to accept this? How did I fell in love with a man that doesn't exist? Why didn't I see the monster? Or... why did I choose to ignore it? I think I'll never have answers from my feelings, they are a void beyond my flesh.

«Di you have something to say about it?» His voice forces me to look in his eyes and I snap back right into Mikael's hell, leaving mine.

I put my hand in my jeans pocket and I clumsily move it until the bottle comes out. I fastly open it and throw the only water to Mikael's face, that closes his eyes without even try to move away. The plan I made a few seconds ago was clear: throw the water at him and run while his face burns. But my legs are jelly and the holy water just washed his face without catching fire.

He releases a long, loud, deep growl before opening his eyes, now vantablack with a red smoke flying in them, and curls his upper lip showing his sharp, big fangs. Having them in my neck... the pain... it would be like scissors thrusting in my flesh...

The thought gives me the strength to stand up and run as fast as I can. I throw myself at the entrance door and luckily it opens. I hoped I could hit my head and faint and wake up from this nightmare, but I just roll down the stairs and jump up to start running again.

I hear Mikael's broken, yet full of anger voice from afar. «I thought you could love me.»

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