No Self Control

You just found your boyfriend in the shower with a skank. He spotted you and you ran crying and he ran after you. Grabbed you by the arm telling you, you can't leave him, but you manage to break away, and ran for it. A few weeks after you went to go get some new clothes but your card was declined, and you had no cash. So you got a job at this cafe were the uniforms are way to short and a selfish/perverted boss. You went to take an order from this extremely sexy and cute guy who was checking you out, he's about in his 20's. Then things get steamy. I hope I explained it well or that you understand what I just said. Anyways enjoy this story.


Author's note

Just enjoy ^^
Forfatteren har bedømt denne movella som rød, hvilket betyder at det er upassende for brugere under 16 år.
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