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The life of Ben


47. Part five/ Stephan

Chapter 47 Part five/ Stephan

The studio was a special place for Stephan, although he had experience working on porn videos, in Poland both performing sexually in front of the camera and as a technician working behind it. He found producing a video for the internet fashion catalogue fascinating. To his surprise he also discovered after the initial confrontation with Jimmy regarding his having had sex with Jason they had become friends and had even laughed about Jason’s fetish like Ben of always wanting to keep his socks on in bed.


This morning Stephan had met Jimmy really early at the studio, and they had been in the office working at the computer putting together yesterday’s video clips when, taking a break, Stephan suddenly realised that they were alone for the first time.  Not one to miss an opportunity he started by telling Jimmy, “You know I’m still seeing Jason.”

“Yes,” Jimmy replied, “Sometimes Jason’s too tired to take a shower before coming to bed and that’s when I can smell your aftershave on him.”

“So you don’t mind?”

“Well I’m getting used to the aftershave,” Jimmy said moving closer.


Later that same day Ben arrived at the studio to see how the editing was progressing. He was, accompanied by Jason who was wearing a new pair of jeans and a designer sleeveless t-shirt both of which showed off his body to perfection and as for his hair, it looked still wet as if he had just come out of the shower. 

Stephan noticed Jimmy’s reaction. Instead of being happy as before, he now looked rather subdued and seemed too preoccupied to face either Ben or Jason.

In the past Stephan would have enjoying seeing this reaction, but for some unaccountable reason it annoyed him. Maybe it was because earlier, when Jimmy and he had kissed, his heart had started racing. Whatever it was he reached out and touched Jimmy’s hand, then when Jimmy looked up he gave him a reassuring smile. Jimmy acknowledged this by smiling back and mouthing a thank you.

Ben witnessing this exchange, thought he had been right about his decision to keep Jason away from the studio and allow the boys to get on with it.

Jason being Jason, only interested in himself, had left the office and was preening in front of the full-length mirror stored at the back of the studio. 


Stephan didn’t know what to do he had been refused a green card to work in America. Nothing had been said, but his shoplifting convictions had been mentioned.

When he told Ben, he suggested that Stephan could still work for him but at the studio in London.

Stephan, although thankful for the job, was upset not to be going to America with Ben and the boys.

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