Just Another Cliché Romance Story!

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Some Of The Best Experience In Life Happens Spontaneously

And Some Of The Best Loves Are Discover In Places One Least Expected

Bonnie and Ikki met by chance. One thing led to another and they became best of friends...
...Then lovers...
...And then...?
Who knows?
Read and find out!



Author's note

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Copyright 2015 by Petagaye Dillion

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5. 02. IKKI

[No one else comes close to you

No one makes me feel the way you do

You’re so special girl, to me

And you’ll always be, eternally

Every time I hold you near you always say the words I love to hear]


-- Joe No One Else Comes Close





“Rise Prince Ikki.” His personal manservant and dear friend, Paz Larkin, said.

Ikki pulled the quilt over his head. His body telling him to sink further into the confine of his cover, his mind telling him he needed to get up.

“Is it morning already?” Ikki’s growling voice sound from under his cover.

“Indeed, it is.”

“You certain Paz? It seems like only seconds ago I arrived and fallen asleep.”

The young Prince removed his head from underneath the coverlets. Paz drew the draperies apart, opened Ikki windows and the glorious morning light bath his chamber. He stretched his arms out to the side, then skyward.

Ikki pushed himself into a sitting position and slumped back against the headboard. “Paz. Why is the bed warm and restful in the morning when it’s time to rise and cold and hard to sleep in at nights?”

With three steps Paz bridge the space from the window to the foot of Ikki’s bed. He yanked the quilt off Ikki. Paz knew his Prince was tired, but he had to get up whether wanted to or not. Paz suspected today was going to be a busy one.

“It’s hard to say since I don’t share your problem,” Paz answered his question as he worked around Ikki.

Ikki raised a brow. “How come?”

“I find my bed quite restful.”

“I thought all beds within the palace are the same.”

“You’re the Prince and as such you and your parents’ beds are quite …different.” Paz frowned at his choice of words. Certainly, he could think of a more over-the-top word.

“You mean more lavish.”

Something like that, Paz thought

“My Prince—”

“It’s all right, Paz. It’s after all the truth. I want my bed to replace.”

For a moment, Paz looked at his Prince as if not comprehending.

He asked, tentatively. “Replace with what?” 

“Same bed you sleep on,” he answered as if it should have been obvious.

“Our beds are not suitable for a Prince. What will the King and Queen say?” Paz said in objection.

Ikki slightly moved his foot under the cover. His glanced away from Paz for the first time, briefly, then returned his gaze. “Is it my parents you serve or me?”

“You, Sire.” 

“And if I’m not happy it’s your duty to ensure that I’m, correct?”


“And last night I wasn’t happy. My bed is not comfortable. I’m not comfortable. Do your job and make me comfortable.”

“Sure, sire.”

“You’re excused.” Paz bowed and turned for the door. “Wait,” Ikki said before his manservant could leave.

Paz looked back at him in wonder.

Ikki felt ashamed for speaking to Paz rudely and though he was a tad tense, it didn’t excuse his behaviour. Paz and Ikki had been through quite an ordeal over the years and although Paz might not show it, Ikki knew his manservant was just as weary, if not more.

“A long time ago someone very smart told me that friends are the family we choose. I hope one day you could see more like your friend and not just you Prince.”

“I’ve always considered you a friend, Sire,” Paz replied.

“You have been there to the very end; no amount of gold is enough to repay you for all you have done.”

“I don’t seek repayments. Is that all?”

“I’m sorry for the way I spoke to you. I’m just anxious about the day ahead.”

Paz smiled knowingly. 

“Why do you suddenly have that silly look on your face?” Ikki raised an eyebrow.

“Here I thought you could hardly wait,” Paz declared, spark returning to his dark eyes.

Ikki tossed one of his pillows at him. “Get out, Paz!”

Paz laughed his way through the door.

The Prince forced himself out of bed. He pushed his feet into his slippers and went to stand by the window. He could see far beyond the palace. The folks below looked like tiny wooden toys.

There was one house he wished he could see from where he stood. Bonnie. Ikki had failed her, failed to keep his promise. The Prince sighed heavily, unable to stomach the ache that slashed his inside. Four years was a long time away from someone Ikki loved since childhood, four years of no communication could change everything, and it could change her. What if she had long moved on with another? Ikki heart pinched. He almost screamed aloud by the thought.

He couldn’t—and wouldn’t—allow himself to think of worse case seniors. Ikki had to believe she had no form of attachments to another man and it would cost him physical pain if this wasn’t the case.

Falling onto his back, Ikki stared at the ceiling as if it was going to reveal something to him. After all this time, Ikki could finally recall the sound of Bonnie’s laughter again. He could taste the sorrow of her tears when she speaks fondly of her late father, and oh! He just about missed it all. The good. The bad. The ugly.

“Bonnie, I missed you, so very much darling,” Ikki whispered in the comfort of his room.

“I know. I know I failed you. I failed us when I didn’t keep my promise, but Bonnie, I hope you can forgive me. I need you to forgive me, love.”

What will he do? How will he fix his broken promise? Could he fix it? Ikki didn’t know, but he must figure something out because time was winding down and soon, he will come face-to-face with his future standing in the form of a gorgeous young girl.

Oh, Bonnie must have grown into a vision to behold.

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