Just Another Cliché Romance Story!

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Some Of The Best Experience In Life Happens Spontaneously

And Some Of The Best Loves Are Discover In Places One Least Expected

Bonnie and Ikki met by chance. One thing led to another and they became best of friends...
...Then lovers...
...And then...?
Who knows?
Read and find out!



Author's note

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6. 03. BONNIE

Darling, I've been having dark dreams

They come home to haunt me

I can't seem to let them go

Darling, I've been having sad dreams

I don't know where I've been

But I know what I've come to


--Faouzia - Bad Dreams





“Bonnie, where are you?” Priscilla Fall asked from somewhere inside the small house.

“I’m in here,” Bonnie answered after inhaling deeply.

Her cousin Priscilla was looking at her strangely when she walked inside the sitting room in her nightie.

“Are you all right?” Priscilla asked, worriedly.

Bonnie had long forgotten what to be all right, felt like.

“Yes.” She lied, weakly.

“You don’t seem all right. Why are you sitting in the dark?”

Little light from outside came through small cracks of the wooden window, betraying the break of morning, but within the walls of the girls sitting room, there was hardly any light.

Bonnie had come to like darkness. It was surrounded by shadows, pain, death, peace and quietness. It was a lonely place to lurk. These days darkness seemed simple, everything looked different and sounded different. It numbed all her pain and blinded her from the horrible fact of reality. 

“It helps me think clearly.”

Priscilla sighed and walked over to the cabinet, opened its door and took something out. Shortly after, the room was lit up with light from the fireplace. “There, now isn’t that better?” She smiled proudly. Warm radiate from her eyes.

“Much.” Bonnie agreed.

Priscilla took a seat across from her cousin at the table. She still had sleep in her eyes as if she was suddenly awakened by a disturbing jolt. She caught Bonnie’s hands and tugged her palms to her cheeks. Bonnie’s hands were clammy and cold. But Priscilla was warm. She felt nice.

“Oh my, you’re freezing.” Priscilla rushed to the chamber and returned before Bonnie could think of a single word to say. “Here you go.” She placed the quilt around her shoulders and Bonnie exhaled at the warm of its touch.

“Thank you. You’re so good to me,” Bonnie said, with barely any life in my voice.

“I have to. We’re family. We look out for each other.”

The girl’s hands reached out at the same time across the table. They took hold of each other hands once more and squeeze them tight. Bonnie smiled at her. 

“I wish you would at least try and sleep, your eyes are beginning to betray your restless nights.”

 Bonnie looked over at Priscilla. “How bad are they?”

“Unappealing!” She smiled, but her eyes were anxious.

Bonnie touched my face, below her eyes. They felt swollen. She flinched. If she didn’t get proper rest people would start noticing, which meant doing her job was going to be difficult.

Since Bonnie mother died her sleep hadn’t been great, poor think wake up night after night crying or Priscilla had to wake her up because Bonnie would scream in her sleep. It did calm down after a while, but the nightmares were back and this time it had absolutely nothing to do with her mother. Bonnie couldn’t count the number of nights she’d laid in bed tossing and turning without being able to drift off to a comfortable state of unconsciousness.

Why was her mind racing the moment it was silent, dark and quiet? Where did all the thoughts come from that hadn’t plagued her during the day—hit her like a flood when she desperately needs sleep?

“Have you been up long?” asked Priscilla.


“Are there thorns in your bed?” She joked.

Bonnie laughed. “It feels that way. I couldn’t sleep. What is your reason for getting up?”

 “I opened my eyes and see your draperies pulled away and your bed free of you.”

Bonnie looked down at our hands. “I’m sorry.

“Why are you sorry?”

Bonnie knew she had been unfair to her cousin. Priscilla no longer slept in her chamber because of Bonnie’s constant crying in her sleep. If Bonnie didn’t get a good night sleep, neither would Priscilla. Bonnie was certain things would’ve changed by now. If her cousin loathed her behaviour, Priscilla never revealed or maybe Priscilla was simply great at concealing what she didn’t want Bonnie to know. Bonnie scowled. Priscilla had shown her nothing but kindness, she was wrong to doubt her cousin. She needed to put it from her mind at once.    

“Is it a bad dream again?” Priscilla studied Bonnie’s face as if to evaluate her expression as she answered. 

Bonnie did her best at making her face inexpressive when she replied, “Yes.”

The dream was so vivid. Bonnie felt like to stop dreaming she should just stop sleeping. She didn’t know why she always felt an urge in her dream. She always found herself standing in the meadow, sadly it looked nothing like she remembered. Everything was dead. All the flowers. Even the trees were dead—like they hadn’t bloomed in years. And Bonnie would get a feeling of unbelievable coldness; not the kind one gets from chilly weather, more like pure evil. Then she would wake up with tears washing her face and pain in her heart.

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