AshWays ~The Euphoric City~

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  • Publiceret: 13 jun. 2019
  • Opdateret: 11 aug. 2019
  • Status: Igang
Maybe you want to visit the AshWays through a narrative, or maybe witness the city through quotes, or maybe you want to journey through it through poetry or maybe you want the full experience and go through it all. AshWays- the euphoric city is the 'ideal' place, a city full of joy, hope and no fear or sadness. However, its a city that is surrounded by desert wasteland, where no one can get into AshWays and those within cannot get out.....



Hello and I'm sorry, but I don't have much time. Time is a non existent spirit here, but can be snatched away from its embodiment quicker than most expect it to. You can have all this. You can keep it to yourself or let it serve as a warning. Its all yours to decide. The places here are twisted. The entire setting- a corpse of what it used to be. Map out your way through this and be careful. The people here are dangerous. Some will hurt you, break your soul and leave you stranded and bleeding, others will guide you one way the stab your back with the knife of you naivety and ignorance. One piece of advice- do NOT trust your instincts.  If this were a story, I'd be riding off into the sunset alone with a cool summer breeze instead of fighting out demons and driving out the evil entities from the deserted wasteland that surrounds us and keeps us captive here. But this is not a story. These are the AshWays...

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