A Life at War

I felt ready, I felt good, not knowing what was going to happen next but I still felt like what I was doing was right, not being able to keep my dad out of the war, I had to bring myself into the military to save my dad.

Author's note

This is the first book, and it will only be ten chapters long, the next book is called, "I'll live for you" if you want to read it.

1. What To Do


            I got up starting my routine just like every other day, doing workouts, running, pull ups, everything that you would think of as an exercise, and why was I doing this, I was training for the army, hoping to be able to serve my country in my father's place, knowing he wasn’t well made me scared and the thought of being able to help him out and my country was the only thing that I could think about.


                I was only sixteen but, I knew that if I tried hard enough than I would be able to get in, no matter my age. I went back inside with a smile on my face, giving my mom a hug “where’s dad” she looked at me trying to hold back her tears and force a smile to her face at the same time. “He will be back shortly,”



           “ I know that whatever happens things will be okay” she looked down giving me a hug, “at least we have a chance of keeping him with us.” I looked up, tears rolling from my cheeks “I have been training long and hard so that dad wouldn’t have to go, I want to join the army in dad’s place” she looked at me her eyes filling with tears “I know things may sound hard but, it will be harder without dad so, why don’t we give it a try?”


               She looked at me tears in her eyes “your only sixteen, and a girl, there is no way that they will let you fight in your father's place” I looked up my face turning red “are you saying that I just shouldn't try, how am I supposed to just let dad go,” I paused looking down “if there was a way that we could keep dad safe, wouldn’t you do it,” she looked at the door freezing “wouldn’t you,” I looked up “you could have dad by your side forever, I’m sure that I can’t be of much help any ways,” I looked down “that's why I want to try out for the army, I want to protect dad.”


              I turned around to see a soldier in the walkway of the front door. I stopped, covering my mouth he looked at me, a smile grew on his face. “How old are you anyway,” I looked at him, staying quiet “how old are you” he looked at me his constant smile burning bright. I stood up straight looking him in the eye “I’m sixteen,” I walked slowly towards him, “I know that I can do good if you just give me a chance than I will prove it to you,” I grabbed his uniform holding it tight, tears filled my eyes “all that I ask for is a chance.”


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