I live so I love (BTS J.JK fanfic)

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As if high school wasn't hard enough as a normal teenager, but how do you manage when you're also responsible for kids?


Author's note

This is a work I originally posted on my Wattpad and will be updated according to that. I don't own any of BTS or other famous people mentioned in this work, but simply use them as inspiration. This work will contain a minimum of smut, but also other offending subjects as bullying and suicide.

Hope you enjoy.

4. Cuties and a softy



After dinner Beomgyu has fallen asleep on the couch after I tucked in Hyuna. Jin is cleaning the kitchen as I sit at the dinner table with my homework, going through some math-problems since midterms are coming up.


“What happened at school today?” Jin asks in a serious voice, his back facing me as he dries off a glass.

“Namjoon should learn what’s his secrets to tell and what isn’t,” I sigh frustrated as I close my maths book, getting up to check on the sleeping-suit I had soaking in the bathroom.

“Nari,” Jin speaks my name sternly when I leave the kitchen without saying anything more.

“Just some stupid girls, Jin, nothing to worry about,” I state in a tired voice as I go to check on the stocking in the bathroom well aware that he can hear me.


Fortunately, the baby-suit isn’t too damaged – the dirt was easy to get off, but it’s been ripped in the seam. I take a deep breath to keep the tears at bay, crying is prohibited. Jin will only be a lot more worried than he already is. I hang the stocking to dry before going to the living room to look on Beomgyu, who’s sleeping soundly on the couch. I take one of Hyuna’s blankets and put it over him, softly tucking him in.


“If you say so,” Jin mutters before getting ready to go to work.

He kisses me on the forehead as he picks up his briefcase and leaves, wearing his usual suit for work. Silence fills the apartment and I sit in it, going through the day’s events as I run my fingers through Beomgyu’s hair.




“Aisch, I’m so lucky to have you Nari,” he smiles at me before kissing my cheek. I giggle softly as I squeeze his hand.

“Silly,” I smile back at him. “I mean it! You’re my princess,” he exclaims, pulling me into a hug.

“Stop it, you goofball,” I giggle again as he starts tickling me. “How can I when I love you so much?” he states, a gummy smile spreading across his features.

“You’re such an idiot,” I reply with a smirk as I plant a feathery kiss on his lips. “Someone might here you,” I continue, making him chuckle warmly.

“Let them hear,” he states with a smug smile before he stands up on the big stone as he yells “I LOVE YOU NARI!” with his hands cupped around his mouth.

I feel so embarrassed and happy all at the same time. He’s perfect. My everything…


“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are right now?” he asks seriously as he eats me up with his eyes. His voice is still deep and husky and full of passion after what we just did.

The warmth and pleasure is also still coursing through me as I hide my embarrassed face in his bare chest, kissing it softly in response as he hugs me tighter. I love him so much…


“Nari-ya you have to hear this! XX-records wants to hire me and produce my music!” he grins at me as he pics me up from the ground and throws me around in a hug.

Shock runs through me and I can’t seem to be happy for him, tears forming in my eyes whenever I see his radiant smile. I’m happy for him, I really am, but at the same time I know I will be the ruin of that happiness in a minute.

“Nari?” he puts me down and hugs me, worried when he sees my eyes squeezed shut, fighting the tears. “I’m pregnant,” I blurt out, the tears spilling over my cheeks like a waterfall and his arms immediately fall away from me.

His expression is exactly what I expected as his dreams crush in the blink of an eye. Then he evaporates in front of my eyes, disappearing with nothing but a letter as a lame apology as well as a promise to send money…


A buzzing sound wakes me from my sleep, and I sit up with a jerk, rubbing my eyes as I look at Beomgyu who also seems to be stirred awake by the sound.

Jungkook stands on the other side of the door, looking rather tired. I open the door with a soft smile.

“Come on in,” I greet him, and he steps inside with a small smile. “Thank you for your help, I hope he’s been good?” he speaks in a low concerned voice as he takes off his shoes.

“Mm, they’ve been having a lot of fun,” I try to answer with a smile to hide the fact that I just woke up.


“Then why have you been crying?” he asks suddenly causing me to stop in my steps.

Slowly I reach a hand up to my face where I realise my cheeks are still wet. Damn, I had that dream again, didn’t I? Hurriedly, I wipe my face on the sleeve of my shirt.

“Ah, I uhm… It’s nothing,” I mumble. “Have you eaten?”


At this he turns around to look at me puzzled as I begin to pull out some of the leftovers from dinner. Jin always makes too much in order to make lunchboxes of the rest. Jungkook’s eyes immediately fall hungrily to the food and he’s forgetting all about his brother as he takes a seat at the table.


“Hung, are we alweady going home?” Beomgyu asks tired, rubbing his eyes as he sits up on the couch. “But I’m not even tired,” he continues with a yawn causing both of us to snicker.


A quenching feeling spreads in my breasts as I sit across from Jungkook on the couch. Ah, why now? I think as my boobs suddenly feel itchy, making it clear that I should either start pumping some milk or feed Hyuna. Turning slightly away from Jungkook, I try to massage them to relieve some of the pain – causing them to start running slightly.


“Noona what are you doing with your bweasts?” Bomgyu asks with big round eyes as he looks at me from the couch.

Embarrassing! I make eye contact with Jungkook at the table who’s staring at me with his mouth hanging open and a piece of meat between two chopsticks halfway to his mouth. Suddenly my entire body feels like burning with embarrassment when I’m saved by Hyuna’s sudden crying.


“Ah, perfect timing,” I mumble as I scurry to her room to pick her up and take her out into the living room, cuddling her in my arms.

“Mind if I feed her?” I ask Jungkook as I’m already starting to undress one boob when I hear a sudden ruckus from the dinner table.

I turn to look over at him when I see he’s fallen off the chair, lying on the floor as he looks up into the roof with eyes wide open. What’s gotten into him?


“Jungkook! Are you ok?” I ask from my seat on the couch just as Hyuna finds the nipple to suck.

“Y-yeah…” he stutters as he gets up, completely avoiding looking at me as he moves around all flustered and panicked. I give him a puzzled look before returning my attention to Hyuna when it hits me why he’s acting all weird.


“Oh my god… I’m SO sorry!” I whisper panicked as I pick up the blanket Beomgyu slept with.

“Why is noona and hung acting so weird?” aforementioned little boy asks puzzled as he looks between us.

“Ah, i-it’s nothing Beomgyu,” Jungkook mumbles as he starts cleaning the kitchen with shaking hands. “Oh, you don’t have to do that,” I chuckle softly, rubbing Hyuna on her back as she slurps away, eyes closed because she’s still tired.

“I don’t mind,” he responds in a low voice as he shuffles around the kitchen.


Beomgyu steps up to me and looks at Hyuna with a soft smile before he pats her head softly. Ah, this boy is simply too cute, and I can’t help but smile lovingly at him.

“Hung, can Huna be my dongsang?” he asks with a serious look in his eyes.

Jungkook and I get eye contact at that and can’t help but smile at each other. I ruffle Beomgyu’s hair softly before packing away my exposed breast as Hyuna has fallen back asleep. Then Jungkook comes over and takes Beomgyu on his lap as he sits beside me on the couch.


“Well, in a way she can,” He answers his brother softly as he looks down at the sleeping baby in my arms, a soft light in his obsidian eyes.

“Can I ask you something?” he looks up at me and for a moment I feel like a deer caught in headlights. Slowly, I manage to nod.


“Why do you put up with the girls at school?” Jungkook’s words, spoken so softly, sends a shiver down my spine. My own eyes fall down to the beautiful creature sleeping so soundly in my arms.

“Because I only have two years left until I graduate… I’m only there to learn how to be a hairdresser so I can get a decent job and stop living off Jin’s hard earned money,” I speak hesitantly as I answer him honestly, nuzzling Hyuna’s face softly with my thumb.


“You shouldn’t, though” he mumbles after a while of silence, looking seriously at me. I simply smile in return. “Thanks for your concern, but it’s not like I have a choice,” I shrug as I look at him. “You do, you can always ask for help,” he states not unkindly. Another silence lay’s between us for a moment.


“You know, I thought I had you all figured out Mr. Bad Boy, but here you are showing me an incredibly soft side,” I chuckle softly as the words escape my mouth before I can think it over.

“People are just so materialistic, and everyone only cares about looks, so I don’t bother,” he speaks truthfully as he looks at me with earnest eyes. I can’t help but smile as I give him an agreeing nod.

“I feel the same,” I state when my eyes land on Bomgyu who looks about to fall asleep again as he leans against Jungkook’s chest.


“You should probably take that little one home,” I giggle and nod towards the little boy as he blinks uncomprehendingly. “Ah, you’re right,” Jungkook chuckles softly as he stirs the boy awake again and makes ready to leave.

“Can I have your number before I leave?” he turns around in the door as he asks me this before leaving. “Ask me tomorrow in school,” I answer with a smile before closing the door after him.

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