Love, Lust, or, Lycanthropy

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  • Publiceret: 26 apr. 2019
  • Opdateret: 8 apr. 2019
  • Status: Igang
Dahlia is a hopeless romantic- when she's reading. She's been in a few relationships that didn't go anywhere. She doen't think about sex and she doen't care to know about the intricate details. It goes in. It goes out. There's more to it, but, let's just stop there.
That all changes when she meets Felix. She didn't really meet Felix. She saw him. That's it. She looked at him, and, suddenly, she's having erotic fantacies of a man she doesn't even know.
Things get more complicated when it turns out that Felix is going to be her new step brother. Talk about awkward. Now, she has to fight her feelings for him, try to avoid him, and deal with her mother gripping at her about the way that she treats her company. But, Felix is more than company and that's a secret that she would like to keep.
She can't control her hormones. She can't control her mind. She can't control her unconscious body as it seems that she's been sleepwalking in the woods.
It all started with Felix.

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