The Vamp/Ghost Fam

Diamond, a vampire, is 128 years old. Her and her brother, Louis are the only "living" people in their family. The rest of the family are ghosts but they are only see-through in their non-vampire family. When her mate meets her, will he be too scared to be with her or to reject her?


1. Intro

Hi! My name is Diamond Tomlinson. Yes, my brother is Louis Tomlinson. We are both vampires. Louis and I have a really strong bond because we are twins. We're both 128 years old, but we look 18. Cool, right? It's not so cool when you get human friends and have to see them die, though. One cool factor about being a vampire, though, is that you have soulmates. It doesn't matter if they are human or vampire, famous or not. But I'll get to that later. Louis and I are the only "living" vampires in our family. When we are vampires, everyone can see us. But in human form, only Louis and I are still "alive." The rest of our family's human forms have "died." Don't ask me because I don't even know. But we all love each other no matter what.


Hey!!!! It's me. Yup. I'm writing another book. No, my other book is not finished. Go check that one out if you haven't. It's called 'Calum's Girl.' Hope you enjoy! - It's Rainy Tho

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