Justice League

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  • Publiceret: 21 mar. 2019
  • Opdateret: 20 mar. 2019
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Diana Prince, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne by themselves the Amazon Warrior known as Wonder Woman. A man from another world known to the world as the Superhero Superman. and millionaire playboy by day, but night the crime fighting vigilante dubbed The Batman.

There are many battles they face apart, but a coming threat may pose too big a challenge for them separately, it might even be too much for just the three of them. If they can't handle it they will have to find others like them to join them in preventing a global catastrophe.


Author's note

More of a message to movellas staff, that comic book characters exist outside of the Marvel Universe, a little company called DC comics has a few heroes and villains as well.

Maybe update the fan fiction categories to include DC or just a general comics/comic book's category.

Just a thought.

1. Life on Mars

J’onn J'onzz had nowhere else to go, he was now a pariah among his people a lunatic because of his warning of an uprising by the white Martians, so now he was in the outlands facing what his people told him where his only two choices.


Keep walking until dehydration or starvation left him unable to continue at which point he would fall-down and simply wait for death to take him.


The alternative, to find the highest point among the of the Ma'aila mountains the tallest on Mars and throw himself off.


Well he didn't like either of those options so he decided he'd make his own plan, he would stop the white Martians all by himself.


He knew where the tunnels leading to their underground base began so he headed there to stop them all by himself.


That thought struck him again he was alone be was preparing to face an army of angry subjugated race who had every reason to kill the Greens like him who had used them, enslaved them for hundreds of years.


Maybe he should leave it, let them have their vengeance their war.


J'onn J'onzz was walking on the surface of Mars until all of a sudden he wasn't.


J'onzz had been contemplating his next move when the decision got taken out of his hands.


By a sudden after a blinding flash of light he wasn't. He wasn't in the arid mountain range, he wasn't anywhere on Mars anymore.


He had come to Earth although he did not know that yet.


He had no idea where he was, it was just a sterile sea of grey and some strange implements lying around.


He really had no idea what he was, he had no memory of being a sentient life form.


Doctor Saul Erdel had no idea what it was he certainly didn't know he was making first contact with an Alien species.

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