Set in Stone

Long ago, a great kingdom lost a king. They now are ruled under no one and there is not a single soul that has the right to become the next ruler. As a test, the king's sword was placed into a boulder and only the true ruler can pull it from its stone prison. Years after past and there is still no ruler and the kingdom is falling apart, as no heir has taken the sword, they are in preparation for a challenge in hopes of crowning a new line to the throne.


17. This is Goodbye

Frisk and Gwen got married and Sans now has to deal with hearing from both royals about anything, Sans was reading in his room just for his entertainment. That was until Frisk came into the room, he was wearing armor and he looked a little stressed. Sans sat up on his bed needing to hear what his king was doing in armor.

“Sans, we are going to be attacked by another kingdom,” Frisk said.

“Okay,” Sans said standing up from his bed.

“Chara is leading them,” Frisk said.

That got Sans’s attention, he grimaced at her name and growled inwardly.

“I know,” Frisk said.

“I’ll get ready,” Sans said. “When do we head out?”

“Now,” Frisk said.

“No time to get anything,” Sans said to Frisk. “Let’s go.”

The two headed out to the battle and Sans knew that Chara was planning his death, Frisk gathered his army and they began their trek to the battle. Sans changed into a large dragon as they walked to the battle field scaring a lot of the men within the army. Sans walked beside Frisk as they rode on their horse, Sans lowered his head to his king.

“Sans, don’t get yourself hurt in this battle with her this time,” Frisk said to him.

Sans let out a growl knowing that he might get hurt in this fight.

“Promise me you won’t die my loyal wizard,” Frisk said to the overly large dragon.

“I promise,” Sans growled. "I promise I won't die."

The trooped marched where the battle field was, they saw the other troops over across an open field. Sans growled when he laid eyes on Chara’s monstrous form.

“Go get her big guy,” Frisk said with a smile to his wizard.

Sans let out a huff and charged into battle, Chara rushed to him. Sans clashed with Chara making sure to keep a close eye on where her poisonous tail was at. Sans saw the tail come at him and he caught it within his teeth. He saw Chara roar at him and Sans ripped off the poisonous end, Chara let out a ear piecering scream and Sans spat the tip onto the ground and roared at Chara.

“You are going to die Sansy!” Chara roared at him.

Chara reared up and raised her claws, Sans got up as well and clawing at Chara. Sans managed to defend himself against the onslaught from Chara, he was making sure that she tired herself out before he went in for the kill. Soon enough Sans saw his chance and enclosed his jaws around her neck.

Sans knew he was going to kill her. He was about to deal the final blow, but a pain shot threw him. He growled in pain and Chara tried to swipe at his chest to get him to let go, but she was out of reach of his chest. Sans wasn’t going to let this continue while he was wounded, he needed to end this fight soon or else he was going to have to fight this bitch wounded and while human. Sans pinned Chara’s body down to the ground with his claws, he began drawing Chara’s head back. He heard a sickening crack come from her neck and he released her neck.

Sans felt sick to his stomach, he slowly changed back into a human and began to look around to lean on something. Sans found a tree nearby and he went to it, he lean his back against it and slowly slid down. Sans looked down and saw a bit of an arrow in his chest, Sans groaned and coughed up some blood into his hand. Sans groaned and looked down and saw that Frisk won the battle, Sans smiled down at his king.

“Do… don’t dwell… on… me,” Sans coughed.


Frisk claimed victory as he held their king’s crown above his head, he didn’t hear the roaring from Sans or Chara. Frisk began to look around for his wizard and saw his wizard sitting against a tree, Frisk began walking up to the wizard and he could see more details the closer he got. Embedded within Sans’s chest was the head of an arrow, blood was dripping down from Sans’s mouth and Sans was shaking. Frisk ran over to Sans and bent to his loyal magician.

“Sans,” Frisk said getting Sans’s attention. “You promised me that you won't die you asshole."

“F…Frisk,” Sans gasped out. "S... s... sorry."

“You’re going to be alright,” Frisk said trying to stop the blood from Sans’s wound.

“D…don’t…lie to…me,” Sans groaned out. “I…I’m… going to…die.”

Sans coughed up some more blood, Frisk felt hot tears running down his face.

“Kings…don’t…cry,” Sans said raising a shaking hand to Frisk’s face. “D… don’t… cry.”

“Sans,” Frisk said holding his friend’s hand. “You’re going to make it, we’ll save you. I forbid you to die.”

Sans gave Frisk a halfhearted laugh.

“Sorry…s…sire,” Sans breathed out. “Did… didn’t… realize.”

“Please Sans,” Frisk cried. “I can’t lose you.”

“You…you’re… tough…kid…kiddo,” Sans stuttered out his eye sockets drifting closed. “You’re… a… a… good… k… king.”

“SANS!” Frisk cried out feeling their friend’s hand go limp in theirs. “NO!”

Frisk bent over Sans’s lifeless body as Sans let out a final breath, Frisk felt their whole world go dark at the loss of his longtime friend. Frisk was pulled away from Sans’s body as Frisk watched his friend’s hand come crashing to the ground. Frisk tried to go back to his fallen friend, but was held back by his own knight.

“Frisk, we’ll find whoever did this to him,” Undyne said to Frisk. “We’ll find them.”

Frisk just tucked into Undyne and cried, he lost his friend, the first person that understood and believe in him when no one else would. Frisk didn’t feel any comfort within Undyne’s words, he didn’t care enough to know who did that.

“One good thing is that the bitch from before is dead,” Undyne said to Frisk. “But she didn’t kill him, it was someone else.”

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