With deadly intent

Kimberly Clarke is a busy forensic investigator working in LA. She is called out to a murder scene a woman has been raped and killed. The first suspect is the man she had a date with the night before, which turns out to be no other than Tom Hiddleston.
Soon it turns out that the killer isn't done, they have a sadistic serial killer on their hands, but can it really be the beloved actor or is someone else behind.
Were do Benedict Cumberbatch fit into things ?
And Can Kimberly remain professional ?


Author's note

The chapters called "The (insert number) murder" Will have explicit sexual violence and death
There Will be memories and talk of child abuse and sexual abuse

28. Kim vs. The lost sister

Kimberly had tried calling Hayley, but her phone was turned of for the interview. Tom grabbed his phone. "I am calling Ben, he is much closer to the radio station. I try to get him there before Matt".

They ran to Tom's car while he was making the call to Ben. Ben promised to leave right away and watch out for Matt. Kimberly called Chris. Getting the police in motion too. They just hoped that someone would get there before Matt.


Hayley came out from the radio station and was surprised  to see Alex waiting for her. They weren't supposed to see each other before lunch the next day. "Hi Alex. What are you doing here ?"

"I couldn't wait anymore honey pie. I think we have waited long enough". He pulled her into a heated kiss. She knew what he was talking about. They hadn't slept together yet. But she was ready too.

She was clinging to him. She couldn't believe she had found this amazing man. He was so sweet and charming. And she found him so very sexy too. "Uhh Alex, we better go to your place then".

"Sure baby. Come on we'll take my car. I'll drive you back to get Kimberley's car tomorrow". He said pulling her along to his car.

They drove to his apartment, and Hayley felt herself blush as he lead her inside. Oh she couldn't wait. She was sure he would be so caring and soft with her.

When Ben arrived at the radio station he was first revealed to see Kimberly's car still there. But when he asked in the reception he was told that Hayley had left about 10 minutes before he arrived and he cursed to himself.

He started looking around. Driving up and down the streets looking for Matt's car. Hoping to spot something. To find her in time.


"Well this is my place, I know it's a little weird, but you know got to fit me". Matt said locking the door behind them. Hayley looked around. It was a small dark apartment. She walked into the living-room and gasped clamping a hand over her mouth. The room was plastered in pictures, mostly of Tom, but also Ben and Kimberly.

"Do you like my decorations love ? Yeah I know a bit obsessive right ? But I just can't help it, he is my big idol. I want to be just like him. But I am still only a new-be at this, I need him to teach me". Matt said with a happy smile.

Hayley tried running for the door, she knew he was absolutely crazy. He had only been dating her to get to Tom. He was a total psycho and he had managed to charm her right into his net. She had been so naive with her dreams of love.

Matt grabbed her, throwing her harshly to the floor and she gasped as pain shot through her side. "Please Matt, I'll do anything you want, just don't hurt me".

"Yeah trouble with that is.. I want to hurt you. I want to force myself on you and when I am done enjoying your pain, I am going to kill you". He said grinning like a madman.

She desperately tried to crawl away, but he grabbed the back of her pants, pulling her to him. When she tried fighting him of he hit her so hard she almost lost consciousness and he carried her to the bed. He tied her arms above her head.

Before she had her bearings back he had also gagged her, by stuffing a sock into her mouth and bind a tie over her mouth. She could barely breathe and she was thrashing, trying to get her hands free. Her eyes bulging with fear when he grabbed a big knife. She was almost relieved when he only used it to cut of her clothes.

"I'd rather have your sister, but hey sometimes you have to be happy with what you can get". He said as he started groping her. Squeezing her breasts hard and then probing her harsly, making tears run down her cheeks.

He positioned himself looking into her eyes as he thrust into her, enjoying the way her eyes dilated with pain and fear. "Oh you feel good baby, this is going to be a real pleasure".

She cried silently as he pounded into her. She had thought she had finally found her prince charming and he turned out to be a deranged rapist and serial killer. He had to be the murder Kimberly was on the hunt for.

It hurt so much she just wanted it to be over. She knew he would kill her no matter what. And she just wanted it over with. Hoping he would get done soon. But he just kept going for what felt like forever.

Suddenly there was sirenes coming closer, and sounds outside the door and he cursed and closed his hands around her neck, squeezing hard. She fought to stay conscious. Someone was coming to help her. But soon she felt her life slip away. The last thing she heard was someone kicking in the door.

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