Borderline Legends. The fox and Thief

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  • Publiceret: 13 mar. 2019
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Legends...Stories...Heroes...What are those who get those titles? Are legends just myths or are they real? Is a person destined to legends or legends destined to the person? What is fate? Is it string there can be altered or just one road. Where do we all fit into this picture? You can find those answers on the borderline between worlds. The borderline between the real world of Reality and the creative world of Phano. I guide those strings and you will become the next one.


4. The university.

"Yusuke! Wake up!" Saada shouted as she opened the door. Yusuke was already up and stood ready to leave. He had his normal attire on:
"Okay. I'm ready." Yusuke said:
"Oh. I thought you were still asleep. Aren't boys usually lazy?" Saada asked:
"What do you take me for?" Yusuke asked with a grin:
"Well. Yeah. Come, there breakfast downstairs and then we leave for the train." Saada said as she smiled. Yusuke nodded and headed downstairs with her.

They ate breakfast and chatted:
"So where is Pax?" Yusuke asked:
"He already went to work. He usually does that quite early and picks up something to eat on his way there." Saada said as she nommed on some bread:
"I see. So you made this breakfast." Yusuke said:
"Yeah. I enjoy making breakfast." Saada said as she chewed on some toast. Yusuke looked at the television:
"Excited?" Saada asked:
"Nervous," Yusuke answered:
"Why are you nervous?" Saada asked:
"Oh, it's nothing," Yusuke said. He smiled but images flashed in his mind. 

Cold weather. A lonely playground. A single person standing there. Small pigtails flying in the wind. Shadows. 

"Yusuke!" Saada shouted:
"Oh. Yeah. Sorry." Yusuke said with a warm smile:
"Come now! Let's get going!" Saada shouted. Yusuke nodded.

The two left town and walked down the street:
"Morning, Saada." A man said
"Good morning!" Saada shouted back:
"Hello there, Saada. Please come by some time." An old lady said:
"I will. Hehehe." Saada let out a laugh. Yusuke silently walked by her side. Yusuke kept his eyes on her. She smiled and waved to people as she walked by them:
"You seem popular with the people around here," Yusuke said:
"Oh. You could say that. We mostly just exchange morning greetings." Saada said. Yusuke smiled as they walked. They arrived at the train and took the monorail over town. They both got a sitting spot:
"Since this monorail usually is only used by students it doesn't get that cramped," Saada said:
"I see," Yusuke said. He looked out the window and see the clear blue horizon and white clouds. He stood up and walked toward the window looking out:
"Yusuke?" Saada asked. Yusuke turned around and with a soft smile said:
"This is my first step," Yusuke said. Saada smiled:
"Welcome to Ohman, Yusuke Hayama," Saada said:
"Thank you. Saada Oym." Yusuke said. The two laughed softly. 

The two of them arrived in front of the university. Students arrived from left and right. It was a large building with a glass window wall at the front with an automatic door. A few marble steps up:
"Welcome to Ohman university," Saada said:
"Thank you," Yusuke said:
"You gonna meet up with a teacher right. I can show you to their lounge." Saada said:
"Thank you once again, Saada," Yusuke said.

They walked inside and the building was massive. Elevators on the right and it was a three-store building. There was a large staircase between floors and doors lining the walls. Classroom, cafeteria, shop, lounge, chill rooms, homework café. So many amazing things:
"This is amazing," Yusuke said:
"You like it?" Saada asked:
"Indeed," Yusuke said:
"Well. You can see the door up there?" She asked and pointed up the stairs to a door with a sign saying "Teacher lounge."
"Oh. Thank you. I will get going then." Yusuke said as he walked up the stairs:
"See you later!" Saada shouted. Yusuke nodded.

Yusuke knocked on the teacher lounge door:
"Come in!" A voice came from inside. Yusuke took a deep breath and entered:
"Hello," Yusuke said peeking in. A few teachers sat in there:
"Who are you?" A male teacher asked:
"My name is Yusuke Hayama. I'm gonna start here today." Yusuke said:
"Yusuke...Yusuke...Oh yeah. You gonna start to miss Yoru's class. She is over there." The male teacher said. He pointed to the corner where a woman sat.

The woman had long black hair with a single ahoge hairline coming up from her head. She got red eyes and a small amount of lipstick on her lips. She is wearing a white t-shirt with a white lab coat over it. She got a blue skirt on and brown patent-leather shoes. She got a golden necklace on and a flower in her hair. 

She was sitting on a chair with both legs up on her table:
"Excuse me?" Yuske said as he walked up to her. The woman looked at him:
"Oh yeaaah. You were starting today. Names miss Yoru. I will be your teacher." She woman said as she threw her legs down on the ground looking directly at Yusuke:
"I will make this simple. You just need to walk in there and introduce yourself quickly. From there I will tell you where to sit and then the lesson. There already textbooks and notebooks at your desk. This should be easy, right?" Miss Yoru said:
"Yes. Understood." Yusuke said:
"You are an obedient one aren't you? You will fit in nicely." Miss Yoru said as she stood up:
"Better get to class then." She said with a smile. 

Yusuke followed her to the classroom. It was on the second floor. It was all the way in the corner. He was set to stand outside while she opened up to the class:
"So let's get him in." She said as she opened the door. She walked back to the teacher's desk as Yusuke stepped into the room. A classroom of fifteen students was inside. Yusuke being the sixteen:
"My name is Yusuke Hayama. It's a pleasure to meet you all." Yusuke said and softly bowed his head:
"Any question for this new student before I place him?" Miss Yoru asked:
"Yeah! Me!" A boy stood up:
"Hm?" Yusuke let out a hum:
"Where you from? Your accent and posture seem to be quite refined." The boy said with a laugh:
"Oh. I'm from the big city of Rahn." Yusuke said:
"Oh, the big city huh." The boy said sitting down:
"I hope we all get along. I might need your help after all." Yusuke said with a smile:
"That's nice. Okay, what about we place you over there." She said pointing to the second back row most left desk. It was the desk up against the window. 

The classroom was quite small. It had it's blackboard and teacher desk. A few shelves in the back with books and then three rows of desks with five in each row. 

Yusuke nodded and sat down. He looked inside his desk to find material books and notebooks. He looked to his right to see who was sitting next to him. It was the boy from earlier. He gave Yusuke a big smile:
"Okay class settle down. I know his new and all but don't attack him okay." Miss Yoru said:
"Attack?" Yusuke asked:
"That is what I meant. This class is full of lively and unique students. So to see such a refined and obedient one is quite refreshing." Miss Yoru said:
"I see," Yusuke said with a smile. He looked out the window. The blue sky was bright with a few white clouds moving over the horizon. He looked over the city from where he sat:
"Now open your textbooks. Time to start the lesson." Miss Yoru said. Yusuke nodded and turned to her again. 

The new school life was about to begin. Yusuke was ready for this. He opened his notebook and grabbed a pencil from his desk too. He spun it around his hand once and then placed the tip of it on the paper. The teacher started to explain everything. A normal school day was now passing. 

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