Borderline Legends. The fox and Thief

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  • Publiceret: 13 mar. 2019
  • Opdateret: 23 apr. 2019
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Legends...Stories...Heroes...What are those who get those titles? Are legends just myths or are they real? Is a person destined to legends or legends destined to the person? What is fate? Is it string there can be altered or just one road. Where do we all fit into this picture? You can find those answers on the borderline between worlds. The borderline between the real world of Reality and the creative world of Phano. I guide those strings and you will become the next one.


5. Haiate and Maya

Lunchbreak came around. Yusuke took a deep breath and looked out the window again:
"Seems like you slowly settling in. Yusuke." A boy's voice came from his side. He looked to his side to see his sideman. The boy smiled brightly.

The boy was shorter than Yusuke and a bit stronger. He got short spiky brown hair. His eyes are golden brown and he got a silver earring in his ear. He walks around in a white t-shirt wit ha brown jacket over it. The jacket collar is set up. He got gloves on both hands. The gloves are white. He got long black jeans and black shoes.

"I'm trying at least," Yusuke said with a laugh:
"Well nice meeting you, bro. My name is Haiate. Haiate Ruma." The boy said holding out his hand:
"Pleasure meeting you," Yusuke said grabbing his glove-wearing hand and shaking it. Yusuke suddenly felt something poking his back. He spun around to see a girl leaning over her desk poking his back. Her face was only a few centimeters away from Yusuke's:
"Ah!" Yusuke let out a gasp and moved his head back:
"Don't mind her. That is just Maya. She is closer to a cat than an actual human." Haiate said:
"Funny...Haiate." Maya said. 

She got hip-long hair hanging down her body. It's black with a purple hairline. She got black rings around her eyes and a tired expression. She got black eyes and a small stone piercing in her nose. She walks around in a black t-shirt with a red skull on it. She got a spiky armband on her right arm. She got a black skirt and black stockings with brown shoes.

"My name is Maya Imu. Nice to meet you." The girl said. Yusuke placed a hand on his chest and smiled:
"You just startled me. I didn't mean offense in my reaction. Nice to met you too." Yusuke said taking her hand:
"So, dude. Do you have any plans for lunch?" Haiate asked:
"Lunch break. No, I haven't really thought about it." Yusuke said:
"I see. Then you can come with us. We going to the cafeteria." Haiate said:
"Food," Maya said standing up:
"Sure," Yusuke said.

The three of them left class and went to the ground floor. There they got into the cafeteria. 

It was a large area. There were tables and chairs all over. There was even a terrace for people who wanted to sit outside and eat. In the far end was a giant wall with machines. Lines of students stood in front of them. Then to the far right was small holes in the wall into the kitchen where a few people were walking by. They placed some sort of paper on the desk and out came some food. The floor was white while a few golden and white pillars stretched up from the ground to the roof. The far left wall was made of glass with a glass door to the terrace other than that the walls were white with golden parts at the bottom and top. 

"It's quite huge," Yusuke said:
"Yeah. This is how it works. The machines the in far back. You order your food there and make adjustments to what you like. Then you take the paper to the counter and they can see who's food need to be given to the person paper. Then you get your food and eat." Haiate said. Maya had already walked away. She stood in line. The two others joined her.

The three of them stood in line for a few minutes until they got to the machine:
"You just choose whatever you like here," Haiate said to the left of Yusuke. While Maya was tapping the screen already. Yusuke read the machine and choose a spicy rice dish. He took his paper to the counter and he placed it a lady read it and after a few seconds, a dish was handed to him. The three joined at a table on the terrace.

"Spicy rice dish, huh. I didn't take you for the spicy guy." Haiate said:
"Really now?" Yusuke asked with a grin. Maya was already eating her soup. She was silent:
"You like meat I see," Yusuke said. It was a plate filled with meat:
"Well. A man needs meat to grow strong." Haiate said. Yusuke laughed:
"I see. I see." Yusuke said with a laugh:
"Meat brain always eats meat. Only meat..." Maya said:
"Not always..." Haiate said annoyed:
"You two are friends?" Yusuke asked:
"We are. In our own way." Haiate said. Maya didn't answer just nodded:
"Well. Thanks for inviting me for lunch." Haiate said. they all began eating.

The rest of the day went quite easy and soon it came to an end. The three of them was heading down to the ground floor:
"That last lesson took forever...I was gonna fall asleep." Haiate said:
"You never listen anyway," Maya said:
"Cut me some slack. It's not my problem miss Yoru can get so tiring." Haiate said:
"I think it's because you lack too much motivation," Yusuke said:
"Am I even getting drilled on by the new kid?" Haiate asked with a sigh:
"Yusuke!" A voice shouted. Yusuke looked down and saw Saada:
"Oh, hello Saada," Yusuke said:
"Who is she?" Haiate asked:
"This is Saada Oym. She is in the family there took me in." Yusuke said:
"Oh! You already made friends, nice!" Saada shouted:
"I'm Haiate and this is Maya. We go to the same class as Yusuke here." Haiate said:
"Thanks for taking care of him. We better get home soon Yusuke." Saada said:
"To live with such a beauty. You lucky bastard." Haiate crumbled under his breath. Maya just stepped on Haiate foot:
"Well see you two tomorrow," Yusuke said:
"See ya!" Haiate shouted. Maya just waved her hand.

The two arrived at home and Yusuke went up on his room to place his bag. He stretched and yawned softly:
"Yusuke come help with dinner!" Saada shouted from downstairs:
"Yeah! Coming!" Yusuke shouted.

The rest of the day went as everyone would presume. just some dinner and some chatting. Pax got home and asked about his first day. Evening came around and Yusuke found himself lying in his bed:
"New friends, new family," Yusuke said as he closed his eyes:
"I could get used to this life," Yusuke said. Silence filled the room. The sound of silence. Yusuke lied in bed and looked out the window. His eyes closed and everything turned dark. That is when it happened. The sound of chains and then...Fear. 

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