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Jungkook and Lara had been best friends for years but when BTS made their debuts back in high school. They lost touch and both moved on with theirs lives.

He become a world famous idol whilst she struggled to make it in the business. She studied extremely hard at become a songwriter whilst he was in stage preforming to millions of devoted fans across the world.

When out of the blue she gets offered to come to an audition to become a guest songwriter for bighit entertainment. She jumps at the chance and gives it her all. Little did she know she'd be reunited with her old friend Jungkook.


25. Chapter TWENTY-THREE


It's been about a month since I slapped Taehyung and with the release of the new album just around the corner pressure is on to finalise the songs. I'm sat in his recording studio and we try our best to edit his song, even though Tae still hasn't gotten over it and to be honest neither have I, I just can't believe he got into relationship with her after everything !! I'm absolutely livid from it still. "What that sounds silly, it's would sound better slow, and jazz like" I complain as he adds a pop beat to it. He rolls his eyes to me and removes the pop beat, he's given me the silent treatment all day instead of replying he's just done as I've asked.

"For crying out loud Taehyung fucking talk to me!!! This isn't my song it's yours how to do you sound" I snap at him as I lose my temper, he's driving me mental by not talking to me and if he does it's something sarcastic or one worded.

"Why do you care ?? If it's my song then leave me to make it my way instead of telling me what to do" he yells back, I stand up and slam my hands on his deck out of anger.

"Because I want you guys to go far. For fuck sake Taehyung I still care about you even if you hurt me hell of a lot" I shout at him as I run my hand through my hair.

"I'm sorry" he says quietly where I almost missed it.

"What was that?" I say pretending like I didn't hear him.

"I'm sorry!! I'm sorry for fucking everything up with you by kissing Jenni and I'm sorry I forced you to go on a date with Jungkook and I'm sorry I'm in this stupid fake relationship with Jenni for the press so we can do a collab with them.. I'm sorry I hurt you and I'm sorry that I can't get you out of my head because I still love you and seeing you with Kookie hurts me and I'm sorry that I can't compose this stupid song correctly.. I'm sorry okay" he yell at me as he stands up with tears falling down his face. I stand there looking at him gobsmacked as my mouth hangs open with pure shock in my eyes.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really fucking sorry Lara" he sobs as he steps closer to me, I stand stood staring at him trying to figure out what the hell was just said and what the hell I should do let along say.

"Say something" he sobs as he steps right in front of me where I can feel his breath fanning my face lightly. I can smell his shower gel lingering on his skin from his morning shower and his aftershave that I love him wearing. I gulp as I close my mouth and look up at him, his eyes are staring down at me intensely as I try to read them.

"I don't know what to say Tae.. I mean Taehyung." I say as my mouth becomes dry. I feel his warm hand caress me cheek gently as I close my eyes as I enjoy the feeling of his hand on my face.

"I love you Lara, I need you back. I miss you like crazy... please love me back" he whispers as I feel his breath fan my lip telling me his face is very close to mine. I gently put my hand on his chest as I open my eyes and see his deep brown one, close to me and I smile when I remember the way I used to love just staring into them.

"I do still love you Tae...." I say as I trail off trying to wonder what to say next. He removes his hand from my face and takes a step back and turns around from me.

"But you're falling for Kookie aren't you?" He questions and once again I'm left shocked. I think I'm falling for Jungkook but I'm not quite sure yet.

"Maybe... I don't know" I answer, feeling a little guilty.

"Well let me help you clear that up" Tae says and within a second his lips are crashed against mine and my eyes fall close as my arms automatically wrap round his neck pulling him closer to me. I feel his thumb rub my cheek as our lips move together, I feel my heart beat fast as my stomach fills up with guilty, when I realise I'm not getting the usual butterflies that I used to get when I kissed Tae because now i get them when I kiss JK instead. We break apart and I slowly open my eyes and see Tae looking at me intensely as he tries to read my eyes, his hand drops from my face and he takes a step back away from me again.

"It's him you love not me" he says quietly and hangs his head as I see drops of water fall from his eyes and onto the hard wood floor.

"I'm sorry Taehyung... I really didn't know until just now" I reply as my eyes brim with tears. I feel my heart break as I watch the man I once loved heart break right in front of me.

"It's okay. It's my own fault, I basically pushed you into him and I should live with consequences of my action. But do me one last thing before you give him your heart fully ?" He asks and I nod my head as he looks up at me as tears slowly roll down his pale skin.

"Yes anything Tae" I reply with sadness in my voice.

"Forgive me? Let us be friends again like we used to be back in high school" he states and I let out a little happy giggle.

"Yes of course I'll forgive you. Tae I never want to lose you? You are a very important person in my life even though we've had our ups and downs but I still want you close to me as a friend" I smile to him and he pulls me into a tight hug, I wrap my arms around his back and hold him close, as I let it all finally set in that me and Tae are well and truly never meant to be. We pull away from each other and go back to finalising his song with everything finally behind us once and for all.

"God I'm so glad we've finished it" Tae says and he stretches his arms, I check the time on his computer and see it's almost 9pm at night. It's took us almost 6 hours to finish up his song and I still have to go and help Jimin with his. I pick up my phone and type a quick message to him.

Me - Tae and I have finally finished singularity and omg it's taken us nearly 6 hours to get is finished... Jiminie can we focus on serendipity tomorrow and we'll spend the full day on it please as I'm tired ??Xxx

I hit send and wait for a reply.

Jimin - I've gone back to the dorm anyway as working on it on my way was stressing me out so yes tomorrow is good for me, i believe Kookie is still at the studio, tell Tae to come home when he's done as I want to order but Seokjin won't let me xx

I quickly type back a reply.

Me - Haha no surprise there and okay I'll bob to see JK once I'm done and I'll let him know now, see you tomorrow xx

I lock my phone and start packing up my things. I close my notebook and drop it into my bag along with my phone and work ID. "Jimin says go home ones your done as he want to order take out but Seokjin won't let him" I repeat Jimin's text to him and he just laughs and nods his head.

"Haha okay, I'll log off my computer and get off, make sure you get home safe" he says to me as I slip on my shoes and open the studio door, I wave goodbye and close the door behind me. I walk toward Kookie's door when I hear yelling coming from further down the hall when I recognise the voice. "Jungkook" I say quietly and follow the voice. I peer round the corner and see him yelling into his phone.

"Why does it matter who I date? You did this with Taehyung and Lara and now that they've broke up your going to do it to me and her ? What exactly do you have against Lara anyway Sejin ??" He shouts into the phone. I roll my eyes and walk round the corner when Kookie notices me and hangs up the phone, he gives me a sad smile and holds out his hand for to take it which I happily accept and he pulls me into a tight hug and kisses the top of my head.

"How much of that did you hear?" He asks me and I let out a weak laugh.

"Only the end portion of it.. Sejin begins a dickhead again?" I ask and he nods his head lightly which makes me groan. Sejin never liked me back when we was in high school I'm genuinely not surprised he doesn't like me now too.

"You need to stop arguing with him and just ignore him. He can't keep telling you how to live your lives" I tell him and he pulls back slightly and gives me a weak smile. I smile back as I see his dark brown eyes sparkle with happiness.

"You really are something" he teases and I playfully slap his chest. He laughs and gently pecks my lips.

"So How was your session with Tae ? Did he drive you up the walk again?" He asks me and I shake my head which surprises him.

"Nope, we've sorted things out and I figured something out today but I'm not sure I'm ready to tell anyone yet other the Tae. But me and him are stay good friends now" I smile and he gives me a strange look.

"Why can Tae only know and not me?? I am pretty much your boyfriend even though we haven out a label on us yet" he questions and I roll my eyes and attempt to push him off me but fails miserably as he holds me closer to him.

"Because I still haven't figured if it's real or not yet... plus you promised me a few more dates" I reply and it's his turn to roll his eyes and pout slightly.

"Fine... were would my beautiful Lara like to go for dinner?"

"Hmmmm... how about you cook me something ? I haven't had Jungkook cooked food in forever" I smile brightly and he just laughs at the memories of him coming round to my mums and cooking me food.

"My place or yours?" He asks me and I think about it for a while, Jimin wanted to order food so it's probs best he comes and cooks it at mine and I'm sure Tai said something about her and Joonie going on a date tonight so my place will be free.

"Mine... we'll have to go shopping before as I don't have anything in" I say to him and he nods his head, he gives me another quick peck and lets go of me. He runs to his studio and comes back a moment later with his coat and hat on. I smile at him as he holds out his hands and I jog over to him and place my hand into his as we walk down the hall and out of recording studio all together. I wonder what he's going to make me ?? The thought of watching Kookie cook for me again makes me all giddy and excited.

- Hey

So that's it... Tae and Lara are finally over for good ??? Or are they?? Maybe who knows. Not even me as I haven't decided that ㅋㅋㅋ so you'll have to wait and see what happens. Right I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'll see you all tomorrow for another update.

Meg x -

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