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Jungkook and Lara had been best friends for years but when BTS made their debuts back in high school. They lost touch and both moved on with theirs lives.

He become a world famous idol whilst she struggled to make it in the business. She studied extremely hard at become a songwriter whilst he was in stage preforming to millions of devoted fans across the world.

When out of the blue she gets offered to come to an audition to become a guest songwriter for bighit entertainment. She jumps at the chance and gives it her all. Little did she know she'd be reunited with her old friend Jungkook.


20. Chapter EIGHTEEN


I'm sat with my head against the foot of my bed as I think about the last couple of days over and over again. Why would Taehyung cheat on me with her especially after what she's done to me in the past ? Why did I kiss Jungkook ? Why the fuck is my life falling apart again ? "Ahhhh soo many unanswered questions" I screaming out loud, I near a knock at my bedroom door as Tai opens it a peers round it.

"You still in a slump babe?" She asks me and I nod my head. She enters my room and takes a seat next to me on the floor.

"Have you spoke to Taehyung?" I ask her weakly and she nod her head. She places her hand on top of my knee and strokes it to comfort me.

"Yeah, he's just as much of a mess as you are. He hasn't been paying attention in practice and apparently from what Namjoon's said he has been locking himself in his room away from everyone, he's not eating, showering or anything. I doubt he's sleeping as well" she explains as I feel my heart drop to the bottom of my stomach.

"I need to go see him" I say quickly, standing up and shoving on my shoes. I grab my bag and phone and sprint out of the house. Why would he let himself waste away like that. I hop into the elevator and spam the ground floor button hoping the doors with close quicker. I as the doors close, I unlock my phone and dial his number. It's rings for a few moments when he finally answers. "Hello" his weak voice speaks.

"Tae, it's me. I'm coming round and I'm going to help you get back on track. I love you still" I say frantically as I hear a light sigh from his end of the phone.

"Lara.... I love you too. We need to talk about everything" he replies and I nod my head knowing he won't be able to see it.

"Okay, I'll be there in about 10 minutes, will you come let me in?" I ask him hoping he'll leave his room for me.

"Yea, just let me know when you're close by" he replies and hangs up. I leave the elevator and sprint out, down the hall and out of the apartment building. I holla a taxi and jump straight in, I give him the address and fasten my seatbelt.

Tai's POV

Lara and Taehyung have both been in such a slump lately that I need to do something to get the ball rolling again. "Is he still locked in his room?" I ask Namjoon as he sips his coffee.

"Yeah, what about Lara, I haven't seen her at work for the last couple of days?" He replies and I nod my head.

"She hasn't really moved from the foot of her bed" I say as I take a sip of my drink and place it down on the coffee table. I stare aimlessly at the living room door hoping she'd walk into the room at some point in the day.

"We need to do something?" I state as I think hard about what we could do to help things.

"Do you know what Taehyung did? Because I doubt Lara will let that go easily?" Namjoon asks me and I quickly stare at him intensely.

"Well I know a bit, she only told me about kissing Jungkook but I'm guessing there is more" I add and he nods his head.

"Tae kisses Jenni when Lara and Jungkook went to the amusement park... wait Lara and Kookie kissed ?" He says blankly. Looks like they've been hiding the full truth from us both. 

"That's explains why she has been scream why her?" I say as I cross my legs on the couch.

"Yep and that explains why Kookie and Tae haven't really spoken a word since that day at the amusements" Namjoon states. I think a little harder about what I could too, when it hits me.

"I'll be right back" I say as I stand up and head towards Lara's room. I knock on her door and open it, I peep round the door and see her sat in front of her bed.

"Still in a slump babe?" I ask and she nods her head weakly. I walk into her room and plant myself next to her not he floor. We talk for a little bit as I decide to mention that Tae isn't eating, sleeping or bathing which seem to set of a spark under her arse as she jumps up from the floor and slips on her shoes. She grabs her bag and phone and runs out of the apartment. "Wow that actually worked?" I say proudly to myself. I head back into the living room and sit next to Namjoon again with a wide smile.

"What did you do?" He asks me as he places an arm around my shoulder and pulls me closer to him. I smile and lay my head on his shoulder.

"Gave her the spark she needed to go sort things out" I beam as he kisses the top of my head and allows me to snuggle into his body. Me and Namjoon have secretly been dating for a months now but haven't found the right time to tell Lara or the boys yet. We'll tell them eventually.. I think. But whilst it's a secret things have been great. We've hung out a lot more, shared cute glances at each other at work, flirt quietly at each other whilst the others are around. Reason why I've been so tired lately has been because I've been with Namjoon and enjoy my time with him before we tell everyone and ruin the secret.

Lara's POV

I hop out of the taxi and throw the money at the driver. I take out my phone and send Tae a text telling him I'm outside. I pull my jacket closer to my body as I try and preserve the heat as the cold air hits me. I walk up the drive towards the door as wait on the set as I see a dark figure through the misted glass. He opens the door and allows me in, I set into the dorm as check out his appearance as I walk past him a little bit. His usually neat and tidy hair is a utter mess, dark ring hang from his eyes and his usually bright and happy aura is gone and replaced with this depressed and lifeless one. I feel a lump form in my throat as I take it all him. "Hello" I say weakly, trying to swallow the lump.

"Hey" his voice weak and strained, I can't help myself but take him hand into mine which is ice cold and paler then usual. I run my thumb along the skin as tears creep out of my eyes.

"Why haven't you been looking after yourself ?" I ask him as I wipe away the tears that fall with my free hand, refusing to look at him but at his weak hand in mine.

"Because I don't have anything to live for if I don't have you" he says quietly, lifting up my chin to look at him. His eyes are bloodshot as they show all the raw and heartfelt feeling in them.

"But you cheated on me with Jenni" I say as the words fall from my mouth.

"I know but you kissed Jungkook too, remember" he says taking his hand out of mine forcefully. I stare at him blankly as I see that he hasn't let go of that either.

"Yeah I know I did and I apologised heavily for that. But you I don't have a past with Jungkook unlike I do with Jenni, she took away my last ex from me and now you!!! Jenni takes everything that I love and leaves me with nothing all the time !!!" I scream at him as the tears just fall. I couldn't really care anymore as I've had enough of fight for people when they are going to leave me for her.

"You and Jungkook do have a past. High school best friends !!! The girl Jungkook had a crush on but didn't have the balls to tell her. The girl I also had a crush on and was too afraid to step on his best mates toes to get a chance with her!! Yes Jenni keeps hurting you but you keep hurting me every time I see you with JK and it's not fair on me!!! Clearly this isn't going to work because I'm friends with Jenni and your friend with Jungkook!! Till one of us or both of us agrees to give up on our friends we can't work !!" He says as my mouth hangs open. I blink at him as I register the words he's just spoken to me. He want to stay friend with her ? But wants me to give up Kookie? I shake my head to refuse his offer. I'd rather lose you, then have to lose my best friend who's been there for me through everything!!

"I came her to try and get back with you but clearly that's not happening. I'd rather us break up then me lose Jungkook. Boyfriend come and go but best friend stay for life !!! And you should really think about who's more important in your life because if I was you I'd keep Kookie too if I was you instead of Jenni. Atleast he's been there for you through all this even if you hate him. He's never really taken sides. He loves you just as much as he loves me. Your his Hyung and he's your maknae clearly that's meant to mean something Taehyung" I  blurt out as I let my anger take control of my words. I take hold of the door handle, a familiar hand is placed on top of mine but it isn't Tae's. I look at the tall familiar figure next to me.

"Kookie, let me go" I say to him weakly and he shakes his head. He takes hold of my hand and Tae's and drags in the direction of the living room. I follow behind him with no idea what's going on as he stops and points for us to sit down on the couch. I do as he says and take a seat, Tae ops for the chair and look at JK with a glare.

"Right! Tae I love you and Lara I love you !! Clearly this isn't going to work if you keep fighting like children. Tae you can't make Lara chose between me and you it ain't fair and Lara you have every right to make him chose between you and Jenni because of everything Jenni has done but it doesn't make it right either. Taehyung, I hope you can forgive me for kissing Lara that day and please forgive her as well. Lara will you please forgive me as well?" He says and I nod my head as I already forgave him that day even though I sort of implicated it.

"I'll forgive you on one condition.... you and Lara go on a real date" Tae says out of no where. I turn my attention to Tae who is sitting comfortably on the chair with his legs cross and his have laying on his knee.

"W-What" I stutter as I stare blankly at him.

"Lara... I don't deserve you and I realise that now. Kookie does. He never once did anything to hurt you back in school and I'm pretty positive it's the same now!!" He explain as I blink multiple times.

"Eh" i say as I continue to stare aimlessly at him. What the fuck is going on with this guy??

"Just agree to it and I'll forgive Jungkook?" He says and I nod my head without a second thought. Anything for them two to become mates again.

"Right, Jungkook tour forgive and Lara. It's best we break up and stay friend. I'd rather have you as my mate then a unhappy girlfriend" he says before standing up and walking out of the room. I watch him walk away from us and I continue to look and feel confused as ever. What the fuck is going on?

- Hey

I know I was supposed update yesterday but a lot of stuff came up so I didn't get chance too update all the stories. So this chapter is a little confusing but it will all make sense in the next couple of chapters that I have drafted up. I hope you enjoyed it and ill see you tomorrow for another update.

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