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Natasha works as a bartender in a very busy nightclub in London city centre. Most celebrities go there as it’s a hit with many a-lists like Beyoncé, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles ect...

This one particular night her manager asks her to work on the VIP bar which as you can guess is a private bar and area for celebrities to use, but was given a warning that these guys don’t speak much English as they’re Korean or something.

The thing with working on the VIP bar is there is a few simple rules to follow:

1) You can have you’re on you but no taking photos - understandable as embarrassing drunk photos can ruin a career.

2) do whatever they ask - which means whatever.

3) use a fake name if they ask for it - which I happen to forget to do quite a lot.

What happens when she finds herself falling into a scandal with one of the members of BTS and has to find away to get herself out of it without causing an uproar. When all she can think about wtf did I get drunk with them and why di


21. Chapter NINETEEN


These tour dates seem to be passing by like no tomorrow, it's been two days since the first American date and well it's only gotten worse from there. I've spent most of my time hiding away in the hotel room me and Jimin shared and I've hardly spoken to him. Literally by the time he comes back from the show, I'm always fasten asleep and when I wake he's already gone to rehearsal. I'm currently sat on my phone with my back pressed against the headboard when my sisters face pops up in my screen, I answer the face time and give her a weak smile. "Hey sissy" I says as I see the worry written all over her face.

"Hey... how you holding up?" She asks me as I shrug my shoulders.

"I'm okay, I've been better but Jimin is being a really good sport and supporting me" I lie to her. I don't want to ruin this perfect image she has on him. Don't get me wrong he still cuddles me on a night and gives me a kiss before he leaves but the fact we've barely spoken doesn't really help.

"Yeah he's been taking down the hater on twitter all day for you" she says causing my mouth to hang open in shock.

"Wait... what?" I reply a little speechless, I blink a few time as I recall what she's just said. He's been protecting me in Twitter this entire time and I didn't notice.

"Yeah. He's been backing you up and devoting his each of his post to you by uploading cute photos of you with cute captions, look" she says as she switches her phone camera to the back lense and puts it in front of her laptop screen. I see the photo of us on the beach cuddled up with the biggest smiles on our faces as we look into each other's smiles,

"The caption say, 'Natasha doesn't deserve any of this hate!! If you continue to give the girl I love all this hate. I will no long love the ARMY who have supported me all this time!! So chose the right choice - Jimin'. It's really sweet tbh, he does love you Tash" she say as she flips the camera back to selfie mode. I give her a weak smile as I prop my phone against the lap on the dressing table and shove on my skinny jean, one of Jimin's oversized tops and slip on my ballet pumps. I grab my bag and hotels room key as well as my phone and explain to Kel that I need to go find Jimin and hang up. I quickly text Fraya and ask for the address of the arena.

Her face pop up on my phone as I answer the call. "Hey, where are you guys?" I ask her and she makes a really wierd noise.

"Umm... Jimin isn't here. He left about 20 minutes ago. Something about he needed to go buy something... I don't know, we're at Oracle  Arena" she says and I tell her I'll see her in a few minute and then dial Jimin's number. It's rings a few time but goes to straight to answering machine.

"Where are you Jimin?" I sigh heavily and try to ring him again but goes straight to answering machine. He's switched his phone off, what the hell could he so important he's switched his phone off.

Jimin's POV

I'm stood inside Pandora looking at the most beautiful charms as I choose a bracelet, struggle to decide on what charms I should get her. I see a love heart charm with loads of little heart on it in red and pink. "I'll take one of them and a T and J charm too" I say to the lady behind the counter as she goes into the back. My phone begins to ring as I take my phone out of my pocket. I see Tasha's photo in my screen as I ignore the call and switch off me phone. If I tell her where I am she will know what's going on and I can't let her know. Fraya let it slip earlier that it's her birthday in two days and I wanted to get her something special plus I want to plan a really cute date for us to go on to celebrate it. The sales lady returns a few minutes later with the bracelet with the T, the love heart and J on it. I nod my head and give her a smile.

"That is one lucky girl who is going to receive this" she says me.

"She literally the best thing to ever happen to me" I reply and she makes an Awee sound. She put the bracelet into a box and into a bag. I hand her my card and she swipes it into the card machine and take the payment. She hands me the bag and my card and bids me a good day. I walk out of the store, I put my mask back over my face and head out of the store. I head back to the taxi that was waiting for me and head back to the arena. I switch my phone back on and see many texts from Tasha pop on my screen.

My Princess 👑 💜 - Hey Jimin where are you? I'm on my way to the Arena. Can we talk when you get back xxx

- Jimin please answer your phone, I'm starting to worry about you xxx


- I swear to god Jimin!! If you don't answer the phone I'm going to book a flight back England and I'll never talk to you again !!!

- that's it I'm booking the flight now !!!

- bye !!

I quickly dial her number on my phone and press the phone against my ear, it rings a few time times then she finally answers. "Hey, please don't book a flight back to England !!  I'm sorry I didn't answer but I was busy buying something" I say to her frantically and I feel my heart sink when I realise I might lose her.

"Good thing I didn't book one then isn't it. I'm at the arena now. Can we please talk when you get here. I have something important I need to tell you" she says and I let out a sigh of relief when she says she hasn't actually booked at ticket.

"Yeah of course, I'm on my way back now, I'll be about 5 mins tops" I reply and she hangs up. 

I pull up outside the arena and the driver, says goodbye to me and I climb out of the car. I make sure I've got everything and head towards the back entrance of the arena. I swipe the access key and open the door, I walk through and it head towards the dressing room. I slip the pandora bag into my back pack just as I get to the dressing room door. I quickly zip my back and enter the room, I see everyone sat around talking as I walk behind Tash who is deep in convo with Namjoon. I place my hands over her eyes and she lets out a little giggle.

"Hey Chim Chim" she chimes and I let out a little giggle of the nicknames given to me by Tony.

"Hey Princess" I say and remove my hands from her face as she leans her head back to look at me, I lean down and give her a quick peck. She stands up from the seats and walks round to me. She leans onto her tippy toes and wraps her arms tightly around my neck. I just her back instantly and take in her scent. Coconut and vanilla like always. A small smile appears on my face, she pulls away and slips her hand into mine. I drop my bag onto the floor and she leads me out of the dressing room and down towards the stage.

Natasha's POV

We walk hand in hand down the long hall way as i think of a way to tell him what keeps playing on my mind. 'You love him' the voice in my head tells me, I blush as I feel my heart flutter and my stomach erupt with butterflies. I do love him and I don't want this to end when the Americans tour is over. We walk onto the stage as I take him right into the middle and look out onto the empty seats. "Sooo what is it you want to tell me?" He ask as I turn around and look at him. My heart begins beating rapidly inside my chest as I feel myself almost lost for words.

"Well... what in about to tell you is something I was going to save till close to the end but I think now is a rather important time to tell you especially with everything that's going on" I say with a shy smile as I twiddle my thumbs.

"I love you too" He says taking me off guard: I blink at him a few times and his word register inside my head.

"Huh?" I cough out as he walks up to me and slips his hands into mine and sways them from side to side.

"You kind of said out loud on the way here 'You Love Him' and the truth is I'm in love with you too" he explains and I mentally face palm, I thought I said that in my head not out loud:

"Oh... well that's ruins that" I laugh as I roll my eyes to myself and think of how stupid I am.

"Not really... because you still haven't properly said the words yet" he smiles to me and he wraps his arms around mine but also clasps his hands together behind my back, I wrap mine around him from under his arms and look up at him with a genuine and happy smile.

"I love Park Jimin" I say as I feel my check heat up.

"I love you Jayne Natasha" he says playfully and I shake my head at him.

"No no Natasha comes first in England. Jimin Park doesn't sound right so Park Jimin sounds better" I explain and he nods his head.

"Okay... I love you Natasha Jayne" he coos and I let out a little giggle, he kisses my forehead and as I felt my heart burst almost from happiness. Maybe this doesn't have to end after the next week like we thought.

- Hey

So this is chapter NINETEEN... can't believe we're almost half way through the story !!! Your going to get another update for this today as I know I didn't update yesterday so I hope you enjoy the luckiness of two updates, I'll see you in the next chapter.

Meg x -

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