Let Me Love You - Yoongi Fanfic *HOLD*

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Ebony is quiet and shy to everyone around her but when she's in front of her camera and in the privacy of her own home she has so much more confident and is so out there. YouTube is her passion and she enjoys spending her day watching video of her favourite Kpop idols... BTS.

With a fanmeet just around the corner she plucks up the courage to with her best friend and meet her idols. With her nervous running high she stands patiently waiting in the queue along with the rest of the ARMY.

It's her turn and her stomach is churning crazily and does a runner to the bathroom. What happens next is something she'll never forget.




"EBONYYYYYYYYYY" i jump as I hear Kayla's voice shout down my ear. I scream loudly and through my in the direction of the voice as it slaps across Kayla's face. I quickly pull my hand away and slam it over my mouth in pure shock.

"Oh my god. I'm soooo sorry. I really didn't mean too. Please don't hate me" I say frantically as she bursts into laughters

"Mental note: never wake Lara up from a nap" she laugh as pushes my slightly as she stands up from her crouching position.

"I'm sorry" I say again and hang my head in shame, I stand up from the couch and quickly run upstairs to get changed, I'm not even bothering to my hair and make up as we're only going shopping.

"Oh forget about shopping I've already done it" she yells up the stairs as I bounce around my room trying to get my jeans on. I stop instantly and groan in annoyance, I finish pulling my jeans up and fasten them. I pull a top over my head and walk downstairs to see her putting the food into the fridge and cupboard.

"You could have told me before I went to get dressed" I groan as I take a seat on the stool.

"Well when I first came home you was fast asleep so I thought it would be easier to go by myself instead of waking you up and do you even know what time it is?" She questions me and I shake my head and take a look at the clock hanging above the kitchen door.

"No way is it half 9 already" I say in shock as I stand up and go grab my phone from the living room. I unlock my phone and see it is actually 9:30pm. Wow I really did sleep all day, I notice the little read notification hanging over my text message button.

"Over 27 texts and 78 missed calls" I say as I walk back into the kitchen as Kayla's shoves the bags into the little bag cupboard under the sinks.

"Yeah suga and Jimin have been trying to get in touch with you whilst you slept" she says and I remember Jimin saying he'd face time when he was done.

"Oh. Damn" I exclaim as I press onto the text message and read the ones from Yoongi.

Min Yoongles 😍💜 - Hey baby I've finished practice xxx

- Lara why aren't you replying xxx

- seriously answer the phone I'm getting worried xxx

- I'm booking a plane ticket to London and I'm coming to makes sure you're okay!!!


- LARA!!!

- L

- A

- R

- A

- A

- N

- S

- W

- E

- R

- T

- H

- E

- G

- O

- D

- D

- A

- M

- N

- P

- H

- O

- N

- E

- seriously Lara answer the phone, I've booked a plane ticket for after the concert and I'm coming back to England to make sure your okay !!!

And that's only a few of them, I roll my eyes and quickly dial his number. It rings a few times then he finally answers it "OMG LARA WHY HAVENT YOU BEEN PICKING UP !!! IVE BEEN WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU AND IVE EVEN BOOKED A PLANE TICKET. IM LITERALLY IN THE AIRPORT WAITING FOR MY FLIGHT NOW WITH TAEHYUNG!!!" He shouts down the phone to me causing me to pull the phone away from my ear slightly.

"Um.. would you believe me if I said I actually feel back asleep once I got off the phone earlier with you and literally only woke up due to Kay screaming down my ear ???" I say weakly which cause Kay to laugh as she pours herself and me a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

"You're worse then me at sleep. Geez but anyway we're coming to see you but it's only for the 2 days as we have to be in Paris on the 19th" he explains and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah that's fine to be honest I wasn't exactly expecting you to come see me this soon but I'm glad you are.. what time is your flight ?" I ask as I see a huge smile come on Kayla's face as she mouths to me asking is Tae is coming and I nod my head.

"We're about to board it now so we'll be in London is a few hours, you coming to meet us at the airport ?" He replies to me.

"Yeah sure, just let me know when you're close to landing and me and Kay will come pick you up" I beam happily as I run back up stairs and decide on something cute to wear as I put Yoongi on loud speaker.

"Right okay, well I'm going to get off as we're about to board. So I love you and I'll see you soon princess" he coos down the phone.

"Okay, I love you too and see you soon Yoongles" I reply just as he's about to hang up. I hear the line go dead as I search my wardrobe. I keep the denim jeans I have on and swap the tee I'm wearing for my blush pink off the shoulder top, I fasten on my blush pink strapy heels around my ankle and begin on my face. I apply natural and pink toned eyes shadows to my eyes and draw a perfect winged eyeliner as I hold my breath as I do the same in the other eye. I pop on some false eyelashes and coat my lips with a nude matte liquid lip. I place my glasses on my face and untie my natural wavy brown hair and quickly spray it with dry shampoo to give it a little bit of volume. I clasp my set of three fake diamond chocker around my neck and slip my nude diamond ring on my ring finger. I stick my diamond studs into my ears and walk over to my full length mirror and check out my appearance. Wow I actually look like a girl for once and not like a man. I swap all my things over form my black bag into my nude one and grab my phone and head down stairs. I see Kayla sat in the living with her now pale blonde almost grey short hair wavy as she's wear a cute blue skirt and cream off the shoulder jumper with matching cream knee boots and white tights. Her make up is very natural but of course she has her signature false eyelashes on, with pear earring and silver chair her mum bought her for her 23rd birthday on. She spots me standing in the door way and gives me a wolf whistle as she stands up and grabs her blue pandora bag and heads in my directions.

"We're going to make this boys drool" Kayla laughs as she walks past me and grabs her blue coat off the hanger and lays it over her shoulders. I grab my grey coat and shove it on, fastening the belt around my waist. I say goodbye to mini as we leave the house, locking it behind me and walk towards her car. She unlocks the car and I climb in, placing my bag in the foot section as my phone pings. I close the passenger door and fasten my seatbelt, I bend down and take my phone out of my bag and see a text from Yoongi.

Min Yoongles 😍💜 - We are about an hour away if you want to set off now xxxxx

I send home a text back saying we're are just setting off now as Kay starts her car and pulls away from our house. I turn on some music and listen to Troye Sivan's 'Youth' as we drive toward Heathrow airport. "Can't believe they're coming early to see us all because you over slept" she laughs and I nod my head.

"I can't get over it. If all it's takes is me having a good few hours sleep and not answering Yoongi's calls to get him to come to England I'm going to start doing it more often" I giggle as we stop at a red light.

"I fancy Starbucks" Kayla states and I give out a happy squeal as she read my mind. The light turns greens and she begins to drive again, heading in the direction of the Starbucks drive threw. We turn into Starbucks and she places our order into the speaker thing and we head to the window to pay. I offer to pay but she ignored me and swipes her card on the machine and head towards the final window to collect our order. "Strawberry frappe for you and ice tea for me" she says as she hands me my drink and places her in the cup holder in the centre of the car. We set off again and pull out of Starbucks and continue the drive to the airport what 'Hold Me Tight' begins to play. I take out my phone and begin to film the speaker as it gets to my favourite part of the song. "Can you trust me? Can you trust me? Can you trust me?" We begins to sing along with the song as we pull into the airport car park.  We find a parking spot and I switch the stereo off and climb out of the car and grab my bag and drink. Kayla's picks up her bag and drink and locks the car behind us as we walk towards the entrance of Heathrow airport. I look up at the sign and see the plane from Amsterdam will be arriving shorting at gate 4. We follow the signs and wait at the gate as I notice camera's and paparazzi waiting also.

"Wow they really do find things out quickly" I laugh as point them out to her, she lets out a giggle as I hear a few chatting fans.

"Even the fans finds things out easily. I'm so glad we aren't like them and wait for our favourite idols at airports" she teases them and I roll my eyes.

"That's because we are more mature then them" I explain and she gives me a smile. I hear a few fans scream as two very familiar figures watch out of the gate, they look around for us when Yoongi's eyes land on me and I see the biggest smile form on his face, I quickly run over to him and wrap my arms around his neck as he holds onto me tightly.

"Oh god you don't know how much I've missed you this past week" he whispers into my ear and I holds on to him tightly.

"Oh believe me I know very well" I reply with a huge smile on my face as I take him all so familiar smell.

"You look beautiful" he coos at me as I pull away slightly and plant my lips against his, he kisses me back and we kiss for a few moments before breaking apart. I take hold of his free hand and we walk out of the airport with camera and fans following us towards Kayla's car.

"Can't believe you came all the way the uk because I was a sleep" I state as we walk up to her car, she unlocks it and opens the boot, the boys out their bags into the boot and closes it shut, I open the back door and climb in as Yoongi follows behind me. I allow Tae to get into the front so they can be close together, I fasten my seat belt and lay my head on yoongi's shoulder as Kayla starts the car and drives out of the car park.

"Well me and Yoongi was planning on coming and surprising you both anyway after the last show in Paris but due to weird circumstances Yoongi basically said we had to go today" Tae explains and I roll my eyes, haha basically me sleep was just an excuse for them to come earlier how cute. Yoongi places a light kiss on my head as I slip my hand into his and give it a light squeeze. God I really have missed my boyfriend.

- Hey

I hope you like this chapter I thought it would be a good idea to bring the boys back a little earlier which I'm glad I did as I got a cute chapter out of it and a few cute outfits as well... Anyway that's it's for updates today and I'll see you all tomorrow for another update.

Meg x -

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