Let Me Love You - Yoongi Fanfic *HOLD*

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Ebony is quiet and shy to everyone around her but when she's in front of her camera and in the privacy of her own home she has so much more confident and is so out there. YouTube is her passion and she enjoys spending her day watching video of her favourite Kpop idols... BTS.

With a fanmeet just around the corner she plucks up the courage to with her best friend and meet her idols. With her nervous running high she stands patiently waiting in the queue along with the rest of the ARMY.

It's her turn and her stomach is churning crazily and does a runner to the bathroom. What happens next is something she'll never forget.


24. Chapter TWENTY-TWO


I wake up to my face being licked to death by mini which causes me to giggle and sit up. "Good morning sunshine" I coo at her and she gives me a little bark. I give her a little kiss and climb out of bed. I head down stairs and into the kitchen to see Kay say on the stool drinking her coffee as she scrolls through her phone. "I've already fed Mini but I have work in an hour and Taehyungie said that Jimin sang you to sleep last night is that true?" She asks me and I nod my head as I pour myself a cup.

"Yeah, how did he know?" I reply as I take a sip. I jump onto the counter top and look at her as she turns her phone round and I quickly scan the texts.

"Ahhhh he was sharing a room with him, makes sense" I smile and check the time, I see it's almost time for her to go to work which sucks because I wanted to go shopping.

"Yeah, Tae said he over heard him singing and asked who we was singing too and he said you. What's going on with you and Jimin?" She questioned and I just shrug my shoulders.

"Nothing really, he's agreed to back off so I can give things with Yoongi a try but honestly last night he was just helping me sleep seen as Yoon had already fallen asleep before me" I explain and she raise her eyebrow and gives me a 'if you say so' look which makes me roll my eyes.

"Well we need to go food shopping once I've finished work at 6 so I'll come home and pick you up if you like?" She says and I nod my head taking another sip as she grabs her key, bag and phone and leave the kitchen.

"Love you, see you later" I call as she leaves the house, closing the front door behind her. I jump down off the counter and head into the living room. I plop down onto the couch and grab the TV remote, I scroll across the VLive app I downloaded onto my TV and see a new BTS Run episode has been uploaded. I click play and watch as they boys sit around on the floor of a hotel room. I take another sip of my drink as I watch as they begin to play halli galli, mini comes running to the living room as leaps onto my lap. She curls into a ball and falls to sleep, I place my cup onto a coaster and stroke her as I woke Jimin and Suga argue about the game they're playing. I see my phone screen light up as I see a text come through, I pick up my phone and see one from Yoongi and another from Jimin. I read the text from Jimin first;

Jimin Shi 🐶 - Hey I hope you slept okay ? I'm going live on VLive tonight hope you can watch it ☺️ I enjoyed singing you to sleep last night if you're ever struggling to sleep give me a call and I'll happily sing you to sleep again beautiful xx

I smile and type back a quick reply.

Me - Yeah I slept fine thank you and of course I'll watch you on VLive you silly monkey 🐵 and yeah that would be great I struggle with sleep quite a bit so you'll have to sing me to sleep quite often, how's the tour going anyway ? Xx

I open the message from Yoongi as a smile appears on my face.

Min Yoongles 😍💜 - Hey baby, it's a brand new day and I know I'm miles away from you which sucks hell of a lot. It just know I hope you day starts off amazing and that you slept through the night without any interruptions. I hope you know that even when I'm not with you or even when we're not together you are always my first thought when I wake up and that you always put a smile on my face. Xxxxxxxx

I type back a cute reply to make him smile.

Me - Good morning Yoongi, that was the most adorable thing I've ever read. I did sleep through out the night and I hope you did too. I hope the tour is going well and you're having as much fun as you can. Don't work yourself too hard as I know that's what you guys like to do. Tell Kookie to look after himself as he's been working hella hard lately and has been looking very exhausted in the videos I've seen. I wish you was with me right now but I know in a few weeks I'll be with you again and I can't wait for it !! Xxxxxxxxx

I sent the message just as Jimin replies to me.

Jimin Shi 🐶 - haha I don't mind singing you to sleep every night and yeah tour is going great. I love seeing all the adoring fan and the love and support they give us but I also can't wait for a break because as much as I love doing what I do, it sure takes a toll on my body and my mind. I miss you though and lil Mini. Can't wait for yous to come on holiday with us xx

I type back another reply as I notice the VLive come to an end. Oh damn I missed most of it, I can always re watch it later on.

Me - haha I'm looking forward to listening to you sing me to sleep. Yeah don't work yourself too hard I don't want to be having to worry about you all passing out or something. I miss you too Jimin Shi and I can't wait to experience the lovely Hawaii heat with you guys !! Xx

I get a text from Jungkook which makes me giggle.

Kookie 🐰 - Ay!!! I don't work myself that hard !!! But thank you for worrying about me !!! I miss you !!! Yoongi hasn't stopped talking about you which is driving me insane !!! It almost feels like your here with us by how much me talks about you !! Save me please !!! Xx

Me - I've seen the video of where you pass out coming off the stage so don't even go there mister and I'm sorry I don't mean to make your life hard by having my boyfriend talk about me all the time !!! I'd happily save you if I could Kookie !! Xx

I send the message and see another one from Yoongi and Jimin.

Min Yoongles 😍💜 - I'm glad you slept well, Jimin says he sang you too sleep which is guess is sweet of him but don't be relying on him to help you sleep because I'll get jealous 😂 I told JK but he just complained which is usual JK tbh, I can't wait I see you either. I have to go rehearse but I'll message you once I'm done. Love you, bye bye xxxxxxxxx

Jimin Shi 🐶 - I'm glad you're excited for me singing you to sleep, anyway we have to go rehearse now so I'll probably FaceTime you after and you can tell me about your day. Later Ebs xx

I send them both a goodbye message and lock my phones. I open Netflix and search for something to watch when Hwarang comes up in my suggested, I've already watched it about 20x but why not make it 21. I click play as the first episode comes onto my screen. I lay down on the couch and pull the fluffy throw over my body as mini snuggles into my stomach more. I watch the scene I tensely as I recite some of the lines from it.

A few hours pass and I'm heat my stomach growl at me, I sit up and press pause on my remote. I stand up and go into the kitchen, I open my cupboard and wonder what to have seen as we don't exactly have much in till Kayla finishes work and we can do a food shop. I see a box of instant teriyaki chicken noodles and I lick my lip, I grab the box and carefully open it trying not to rip the box. I pour the content out their individual packets and into the box, I close the seal and pop it into the microwave. I turn the dial to 2 1/2 minutes and close the door. It's begins to heat up my food as I pour myself another glass of coffee, I take a sip as wait for my food to be done. I open the cutlery door and take out a fork, just as the mic pings. I take out the box and open it, I mix the sauce in with the noodles and head back to the living room. I carefully put my cup back onto the coaster and I pull the throw back over my body and press play on the remote. Twirling the fork in the noodles, I open my mouth and take a bite of them. I let out a little moan as the food enters my mouth, I forgot how much I love teriyaki noodles. I continue to watch the episode of Hwarang as I demolish the noddles in about 5 minutes. I set the empty box on the coffee table and lay back down on the couch, I feel my eyes drift close as sleep takes over my body, a little nap won't hurt.

I wake to my phone ringing against my ear, causing me to groan. I pick it up and click the answer buttons and press it against my ear. "Hello" I yawn as sit up and stretch my arms.

"Omg your alive" Yoongi says in relief as I blink a few times.

"I was having a nap, sorry didn't know you was going to ring me" I reply with a weak smile as I let out another yawn.

"Sorry I got worried because you hadn't answered any of my texts or calls for the past 4 hours" he states and I pull my phone away from my ear and it is has actually been about 4 hours since I fell asleep.

"Sorry I didn't mean to make you worry about me, I promise I'm perfectly okay. I was watching Hwarang and must of fell asleep" I say weakly and he lets out a little giggle.

"Haha did you only watch it because Taehyungie is in it?" He asks me and I roll my eyes.

"No actually I didn't realise he was in it till the second episode when his cute lil face appeared on my screen" I lie to him because of course I only watched it because Tae is in it. I'm that much of a hard core ARMY.

"Hmmmm. You're lying and we both know it" he teases me and I laugh, "Yo Tae, Ebony is watching Hwarang.... Tae wants to know what you think about it ?"

"Tell him I loved it and his character reminds me so much of him in real life so he got his role spot on" I reply and I hear him let out a little giggle.

"Haha that character literally is Tae all over he act likes he's manly and stuff but in the inside he's a soft cutie" Yoongi replies and I hear a slap from his side of the phone, "Yaaaa what was that for Taehyungie" I hear taes muffled voice in the background which makes me giggle.

"It's true your character in Hwarang is just like you in real life" I add to the conversation which makes Yoongi laugh.

"See even Ebs agrees with me" he says playfully.

"Maybe so but I can be manly when I need to be" Tae comments as I've now been out on speaker.

"I know you can but you're mostly cute and adorable especially when your doing Aegyo" I reply and let growls at me.

"Hey!! Don't growl at my girlfriend" Yoongi complains as I hear a slap in the background.

"Right guys I'm going because I need to get a shower as Kay finishes work so and we need to go shopping" I explain to them and Yoongi let's out a sigh.

"Okay... I'll ring you later beautiful, love you bye" he says as I imagining him pouting.

"Love you too byeee" I hang up and snuggle back into my couch. I do need to get a shower and stuff but another nap won't hurt me. I hope.

- hey

So this is chapter TWENTY-TWO. Still can't get over how many chapters I've written so far. I know I've struggled keeping up with my schedule but 22 chapters written it's quite an achieve to say some days I haven't been very motivated to do anything let along write so I'm kind of proud of myself. Well anyways I'll probably see you lot tomorrow for another update. Be well.

Meg x -

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