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  • Publiceret: 6 feb. 2019
  • Opdateret: 4 mar. 2019
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Broken is a book of poems about my feelings and my moods in life. About all of my relationships, friendships, betrayal, pain, hurt and more. I had Depression and PTSD for a long time when i was young. I used to be happy, and my ongoing. Not now, cause my life was a bunch of issues and trauma in my life. Been abused mentally and physically when I was 3 years old and I remembered it well. It hard to talk about it cause I am trying to get rid of that issue cause it like a long time ago. I been bullied in school and when I went to high school in my first year was a lot of trauma that I been into. A girl that I used to call my best friend, and a sister, she hurt me and I was a huge fool and I got mostly my PTSD cause of her ever since I was called when I had a message on here a long time ago that someone that I don't know that she was word by calling me psycho b**ch and a worthless friend. That she didn't love me. I felt hurt and didn't know what to do anymore that how I had suicidal.

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