Naomi isn't a normal American teenager. She contains a valuable power that she can't control at times. Naomi works with a secret organization that handle problems the government don't even know about. The United States and England have been having disagreements over the years. When America hears that England might been planning to attack, they send Naomi as a spy. Luckily, Prince Alex of England's coordination is approaching soon and he needs a queen. England is hosting an "England Selection" to help the prince. This is the perfect opportunity for America and Naomi. Will Naomi succeed with her mission? Will America be safe? Will the prince find a queen? Are there threats bigger than England? I don't know! Find out in a Undercover.


3. Gentlemen

When finally arriving in my room, I was a little disappointed.  The room was slightly smaller than the one from home.  Well...more than slightly.  Literally in four steps I stop at my bed from the door.  That's before I payed attend to the color schemes.  It made the room look magical and exquisite.  The walls were painted a red velvet color.  There was a sparkling rose gold chandelier hung in the middle of the ceiling.  The sun's afternoon light shined inside my room from the window. I will have to wait till the evening to try the chandelier's light.  My suitcases lie on the side of my king sized bed.  A few feet besides my bed is a rose gold sparkling dresser.  A humongous mirror sits on top of it.  Lights border the top of the mirror as well.  On the opposite side of the dresser stands my red velvet closet.  An additional door stands next to it which leaders to Officer Kings's room.  

He showed me this room and told me he'll let me get settled.  He told me some additional information about dining with the prince in the evening.  I wasn't really paying attention.  How could I when those honey eyes were distracting me.  And those pink lips...I really need to get myself together.  Mission Omi!  Your on a mission!  Walking to the side of my bed, I approach one of my suitcases to fetch a workout outfit.  Might as well waist some time by hitting the gym.  I grab a pair of black leggings that are sheer at the bottom.  I match it with a black Nike sports bra, with a humongous white Nike logo printed in the middle.  

I also grab gym bag from my suit case.  Luckily, it's already loaded with my gym equipment.  Taking my heels off I replace the jumper I'm wearing with my workout clothing.  I also search my other suitcase with my shoes, and put my black Jordans on.  I might want to consider wearing a jacket.  There might be perverts roaming the palace.  I fetch my Nike jacket from a suitcase and zip it up. Draping my gym bag over my shoulder, I make my way to Officer King's door.  My hand hesitates to knock. 

Is there even a gym in the palace?  I probably should of asked before I changed.  Idiot!  My knuckles tap his door three times.  A moment passes before the door opens slightly.  The officer pops his head in the door and looked down at me.  He must of changed because I notice his top is some sort of black armor.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm only getting a head shot of him and he looks good.  He eyebrow raises with quandary.  Right, this is the part when I speak.  

"He King, sorry to bother you.  I was wondering if there was a gym in the palace?"

A smile creeps on his face displaying those perfect white teeth.  "Yeah Lady - "  He stops himself when I send him a playful glare.   "Heaven."

"Much better," I complement. 

"Yes, there is a gym.  I can take you there.  Meet me in the hallway."  It sounded like a question.

"Sure." I reply.  I turn around to head for the other door.  My hand grips the rose gold knob, but I don't open the door.  Only for the reason that I didn't hear Officer King's door close.  I glance at my mirror to see his head still peeping out the door.  His eyes are almost mesmerized with the back of my leggings.  

"King."  His eyes revert to mine. "Hallway?"  I question.

"Right."  His cheeks turn a rosy pink.  "Of course."  He stammers and disappears behind the door.

In the hallway there is an awkward science as Officer King takes in my appearance and I do the same.  He looks really good in black armor.  I didn't notice the gold tag near the corner of his suit that read KING.  Before I can stop myself I find that I'm inches away from him.  He has to be at least a little over six feet.  I reach my hand up to brush along the badge to examine it further.  My eyes slowly reach Officer King's honey eyes.  A small gasp escapes his mouth distracting me.  My hand trails down a little from his badge before hanging back at my side.

"The badge really suits you." I complement.  

Before clearing his throat he announces, "The gym's this way."  His feet walk quickly in the opposite direction.  What is wrong with me?  Talk about personal space Omi!  He must think I'm a creep!  The badge really suits you...  Who say's that?  My feet pivot and follow behind Officer King.  I make sure to keep a immense gap between us.     

After many crazy turns and hidden doors we finally arrive at the gym.  This is the best gym I've ever been to!  This gym could be Neverland!  There's a weightlifting room, a room with a pool, a yoga studio and many more.  Anything you could come up with the gym had.  There was numerous amounts of sweaty guys in the gym.  Many without a shirt might I add as well.  None of them have nothing against my six pack is all I have to say.  

I turn to face Officer King.  "Hey King, is there a private room where I can work out?"

He nods and replies, "Follow me."

I get numerous stairs from men as we pass them.  Pick-A-Boo!  Dang, can I get my face back?  I mug a couple of them who send me flirtatious grins and winks.  Some of them actually thought they were doing something when I walk past them.  For example, when I was approaching this shirtless blond dude he dropped to the ground and started doing one hand push-ups.  Was that suppose to impress me?  Sweetheart, I can do it to.  Then he had the nerve to wink at me causing me to mentally gag.

I approach another group of men I overhear talking about my butt.  What a bunch of pigs!  

"I'll give you twenty bucks if you slap her butt."  Murmured a guy with a fawn man bun.  That was the last straw.  Before he could even blink my right hand was hooked around his neck.  I have no idea how my hand got there considering how gigantic he was to me.  I tightened my grip around his throat causing him to choke.  His face was getting redder by the second and his body collapsed.

"If any hands come near me, I'll make sure you never have children,"  I threaten. Shock was plastered on the groups face.  "Do I make myself clear?"  I add.  No one replied except the booming sound of a dumbbell dropping to the ground.  By then everyone in the gym was focused on the commotion.  

I tighten my grip on the man's neck even further since no one replied.  He helplessly tries to remove my fingers and fail dramatically.  I drag the man in my hand near his group.  A cautious yelp escapes his mouth as I forcefully thrown him at his friends.

"Do I make myself clear?"  I repeat.  The group of men heads bob repeatedly.  Looks like they got the memo.

"Have a nice day gentlemen."  I politely spoke sending them a strained smile before turning back to the perplexed Officer King.  His jaw was literally to the floor.  I had to bite my lip to stifle an escaping giggle.  I approached King and placed my finger below his chin.  My finger raised his chin causing him to close him mouth.

"Might want to keep that closed," I whisper.  "Wouldn't want any flies getting in there now would we?"  His body is frozen in place and he still holds a marveled expression.

"Please lead the way."  I declare.  Officer King turns around and starts to walk ahead.  I notice him slowly shake is head as well.  Thank the Lord!  I need to get out of here before I end up in jail because of one of these pigs!  





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