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  • Publiceret: 10 mar. 2019
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I Just write about my Life, Quotes, friends, issues, problems. About starting a new season with no reason..


12. Stars ~ Friends

Once a good friend told me this little story and I want to share it with you Guys.


What if someone broke their arm and they need help but someone eles broke their entire body. Doesn’t the person that broke their arm deserve help too? Thats is Just unfair.

When I saw this message. I thought by myself. I am here talking about that other people have bigger problems than I do. It's True but that doesn't mean that i can't  complain about it. Your problems matter to how small it could Be, we are Just people.

And like my friend said Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it’s Nothing. ~Luan~


Pick your friends wisely because they are the one you will lift you up through times in your darkest nights.

Like another quotes says. Almost everyone knows this one: Friends are  always there you might not always see them, but they are there. {like stars}


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