Warrion comic 1

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  • Publiceret: 31 dec. 2018
  • Opdateret: 31 dec. 2018
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From uinverse to seven seas....a mighty warrior comes to find the mythical island of the lost seas..


1. Warrion....the 1st universe

As space glided the seven seas and the super hero...of the universe warrior...

And the lightning of, a island down from the mythical seas started to rumble.

Then a sword from many seas, came to the earth in a roar, a it's first time the, super warrior.

The soace of the ship and mighty seas started to crash in the universe, a hurricane so good and glad...and warrion the warrior was, set sale in the seven seas.


Journeying to a island in the same pacific island as the lost powers of demon, was there.


The Great castle and midsing mystical magic of the, wizard tree was shaodw wing.

A plane and iron belt and mighty great trolls and, sudden treasures amzed the castle of wizard tree.

Warrios, of past where here to see warrion the first, a kind shadow and mystical maze was hidden in the swords path on the road.

Suddenly the castle went on the blank as warrios and temples rose..Warrion gasped and his universe departed the, great vastly swords where missing as wizard tree. Was ready too..

See King Sword .... In the mighty seas a king was, near the iron belt and mazes where, mew and sandy..and the shores and seas....

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